September 26

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September 19,2008

Team Updates
• Soccer: Won tournament in Naperville. Patty Duffy blocked a shot for the win. Lost to Hope on Wed. and they are away next weekend.
• Volleyball: Beat Albion on Wed. Now 2-2 in the MIAA Conference. @ Depauw this weekend. Kalamazoo at home on 9/23 followed by the Shang Hai National Team playing the club team.
• Cross Country: @ Bradley last weekend and got 4th overall- Calvin on Saturday. Jamboree is this coming Friday!
• Swimming: Started their season this past Monday. 1st meet Oct. 3rd- ND relays.
• Golf: Went to New Hampshire last weekend for the Dartmouth tournament and finished 17th overall. 2nd conference match 9/20 against Trine.
• Softball: Currently practicing- “fall ball.” There are 24 girls trying out.
• Tennis: started last week with fall practices- 9 girls trying out, 1 abroad.

Sister Teams Updates:
  • Cross Country and Basketball:
     o Basketball needs to do something for Cross Country before the Jamboree next Friday and before their Oct. 18th invitational.
  • Golf and Volleyball
     o Volleyball needs to do something for Golf before their Sept. 30th match at Adrian and before the MIAA Championship Oct. 10-11.
     o Golf needs to do something for volleyball before their Oct. 3rd and Oct. 29th matches.
  • Soccer and Tennis
     o Tennis needs to do something for soccer before their Oct. 1 and Oct. 21 home games.
  • Swimming and Softball

Domer Run THIS Saturday!
  • Basketball Team- include pictures!

Volleyball- Dig For The Cure- Wed. October 1st.
     There is a home soccer and volleyball game. The dining hall will be set up outside on the southwest side of the soccer field. There will be pink desserts and all proceeds from desserts and concessions will go to cancer research. People will have to pay one dollar to go over and pick out whatever dessert they want.
     Please remember to take pictures at your on and off campus events for our SAAC website!

Cross Country Jamboree Sept. 26th-
     On SMC campus, finish behind the softball team. Everyone should get all of their team members to come out for the event!

Committee Updates:
     • Halloween Party: Logan Center has been contacted and they are going to let us know as of Oct. 5th how many people are planning on going. Teams need to start thinking of craft ideas and email Jen Nicol and/or Melissa.
     • Publicity: Liana put up a bulletin board in Angela with all the current in-season sports schedules on it. Looks great!

Copy coaches, Melissa, Bridget, Kaela, and Erin.