December 5

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SAAC Meeting Minutes
December 5, 2008

Team Updates
Basketball-Beat Trine on Wed., plays Calvin at home 3:00 tomorrow Dec. 6th
Swimming-At Carthage today and tomorrow
Volleyball-Julie(head coach) named the new athletic director. Currently looking for new head coach
Office moves will take place in Angela over Christmas break. All coaches offices will now be in Angela.

Sister Team Updates
Cross country is planning on attending the basketball game on Saturday

DIII SAAC Retreat-January 23-25
Midwest region-2 people from each school
Email Bridget ASAP if interested, Sunday, Dec. 7th at the latest

Holiday Party
      Beier confirmed that all orders are in
      Athletes must be there by 12 to set up
Valentine’s Day Party
      Caitlin Stevenson will find contact by next meeting, Jan. 16th
      Fall teams must attend-representatives let them know

12 Days of Christmas
Collect all money from teams
Wrap and label for each individual person and drop off at Erin’s office by 11 am Monday, Dec. 15th
If gifts left over the weekend, leave in conference room in Angela

New SAAC Members
Volleyball-Find 1 new member for Kathleen Mills
Softball-Possible replacement for Katie Rashid
Soccer-Found 1 new member
Golf-New member is Cailey Jacob
Swimming-Find 2 new members
Need to find new MIAA rep.

Community Service Updates
Cross Country-Off campus-Food drive, need on-campus
Tennis-Turkey Trot for breast cancer, need on-campus
Golf-Walk-a-mile for St. Margarets next semester, need on-campus
Basketball-Domer Run, Collecting toiletries at hotels
Softball-Needs on and off-campus
Soccer-Help professors move in Madeleva next semester, Ran at St. Anthony’s
Volleyball-Helped first-years move in, Dig for the Cure
Swimming-Not present?

Plans for Next Semester
Gender Equity or Diverstiy-find something to do for this
Try and incorporate new ideas from last semester