January 16

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SAAC Meeting Minutes


I. Team Updates
  a. Soccer-Workouts start next Monday with Matt
  b. Volleyball-Workouts start with Soccer on Monday, applications now closed in search for new coach and interviews should start soon.
  c. Cross Country-Individual Training
  d. Basketball-Now 6-1 in conference, tied for 1st with Hope, next week have away games against Kalamazoo and Trine
  e. Swimming-Meet today at University of Indianapolis, meet on Saturday versus Albion at home
  f. Golf-Jamboree in April
  g. Softball-End of first week of practice, 17 players on team
  h. Tennis-Starts practice on Monday, 11 players trying out, will have workouts with Matt twice a week

II. Sister Team Updates
  a. Cross Country and Basketball-Cross Country will try and attend the next home game on Feb. 4th and 11th
  b. Swimming and Softball-Softball will try and attend the meet tomorrow, or possibly later on in January

III. Community Service Updates
  a. Teams all update information on form

IV. Committee Updates
  a. Valentines Day Party, Feb. 8th –possible not enough kids to attend party in Angela. We will confirm with the hospital on Feb. 2nd , and if there are not enough kids to have a party, then a possibility is to send groups to the hospital during the week.
  b. Spring Event for the Sisters(April 4th?)-Have the fall teams make the decorations, winter and spring teams help hang in the convent. Will confirm this service activity at a later meeting.

V. MIAA Grant Money
  a. Ideas-Speaker on a weekend after spring break
  b. Date-TBD
  c. Have $700 budget

  a. 2 new reps needed-Will be Nicole Beier and Sarah Neimann
  b. Need to attend the February conference call and April meeting

V. Team GPAs and Dean's List
  a. Every team but one was above a 3.0 GPA for the fall semester
  b. Erin will email with the number of student-athletes on the Dean’s list as well as with the team GPAs.
  c. Members who need nametags- Taylor, Casey, and Kate

VI. SAAC Retreat
  a. Summer 2009-Possibly August 1st or 2nd
  b. Volunteers-Patty Duffy and Kathleen Mills

VII. Upcoming Events
  a. Swimming-Meet today in Indianapolis, home meet tomorrow vs. Albion, home meet Friday, January 30th vs. KZOO, MIAA Championships Feb. 19th-21st
  b. Rummage Sale Feb. 3rd-5th
  c. Golf Jamboree April 9th Blackthorn
     i. Snack boxes for Sportsmanship-Anna, Nicole Beier, and Ashley Peterson volunteer to put together.
  d. Senior Awards April 19th, 6pm in Stapleton
  e. Athlete of the Week lunch Wed. April 29th at 12 in Conference rooms DEF
  f. Midnight Madness cancelled