January 30

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SAAC Meeting Minutes


I. Team Updates
   a. Volleyball-Conditioning with Matt, Head Coach candidates coming in 2 weeks
   b. Cross Country-Work outs with Matt
   c. Soccer-Workouts with Matt
   d. Basketball-Beat Calvin in OT on Wed. and play Hope tomorrow(Sat.)
   e. Swimming-not present
   f. Golf-Workouts, spring season starts next week
   g. Tennis-Just finished tryouts, down to team of 9

II. Sister Team Updates
   a. Cross Country and Basketball-Cross Country planning something for senior night
   b. Swimming and Softball-Softball going to the swim meet today

III. Community Service Updates
   a. Soccer confirmed that they read at St. Anthony’s elementary school for grades K-2.

IV. Committee Updates
   a. Valentines Day Party-No updates, plan on it being in Angela on Feb. 8th. Caitlin will call on Monday to confirm. Teams will not purchase crafts until the Tuesday before
   b. Spring Decorations-Committee Chair-Kathleen Mills, will be Saturday April 4th, Every team will spend 1 hour decorating, will have 2 teams per floor

V. MIAA Representative Conference Call
   a. No date yet, maybe sometime in Feb.

VI. Pink Day
   a. Basketball game Wed. Feb. 11th
   b. Selling T-Shirts in the dining hall for $5
   c. Softball is doing this as a community service event

VII. Grant Initiative-Gender Equity
   a. Host a Field Day for local elementary and middle school kids
   b. Invite girls to a basketball game(Feb. 21st) or softball game-Each team will invite a corresponding girls team from either diverse schools or schools in the area. Tennis will invite kids from a tennis camp.
   c. Erin will email teams about which schools to contact
   d. Final NCAA mandatory event

VIII. New SAAC reps needed for Golf and Tennis