February 27

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SAAC Meeting Minutes

Team Updates Basketball-Beat Calvin in Semi-finals, Conference Championship against Hope on Saturday
Swimming-Conference meet last weekend. Finished fifth, two points from Olivet. Audrey is going to Nationals

Sister Team Updates
Cross Country and Basketball-Made signs in locker room, shirts and brownies for Senior Night
Swimming and Softball-Softball went to the swim meet

Community Service Updates
Soccer-Will help move math department in Madeleva on Thursday.
Kaela will email teams who need to complete service events. Also teams need a picture and write up for each service event.

Committee Updates
Spring Decs-Kathleen
April 4th at 2pm in convent, will last about half an hour

MIAA/SAAC Conference Call
To Discuss at April SAAC meeting-April 8th Beier and Sarah Neimann are attending SAAC summer retreat-August 1st-2nd
Ideas for Retreat/Activity Ideas in Indi-Get tour of Conseco, visit Indianapolis Zoo, Speedway Museum
Confirm on March 27th meeting who is going to Summer retreat-Kathleen, Patty, Bridget, and Taylor?

Life Skills Survey
To be completed for Erin before all athletes leaver for Spring Break.
Be sure to mention to teams in email.
Erin will email link to all members. Send two separate emails to teams, will take 10 minutes.

Upcoming Events
Basketball at Hope Tomorrow
First Softball home game: Tuesday March 17th
First Tennis home match: Saturday march 21st
Golf Jamboree at Blackthorn Thursday April 9th

Next meeting is March 27th, then April 17th
SAAC members need to have new members for SAAC 09-10 by the April 17th meeting
SAAC will have a representative on BOG next fall, it could be a separate position