2024 Summer Programs

2024 Summer Programs

Jun 10

Saint Mary's College
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Join Saint Mary's Summer Camps and Programs for an engaging summer!

Summer programs at Saint Mary’s serve the College’s mission to empower women in all stages of life. Each of our programs offers opportunities for students to explore interests and careers while experiencing life on a college campus and creating connections.

Whichever camp you attend, students will receive instruction from Saint Mary’s faculty, staff, and student mentors, create lasting friendships with peers, and experience a safe and supportive environment to explore interests and grow in independence. For select programs, high school students may receive college credit for their learning on campus. Additionally, scholarship and financial aid opportunities are open to all students

Our complete list of 2024 summer camps and programs are:

Dialogue and Democracy Summer Institute

Dates: July 21-26

Want to make the world a better place? This six-day residential summer program is designed for girls who want to learn how to speak up and be heard. Here, participants will learn the building blocks for constructive dialogue by practicing how to listen to and respect those with different views.

Embody Theology Summer Institute

Dates: July 21-26

The Embody Theology Summer Institute offers high school girls a six-day stay on the beautiful Saint Mary’s campus, the first institution to grant women advanced degrees in theology. In the tradition of empowering women’s leadership, participants will meet people from across the country, learn about themselves, develop valuable pre-college academic skills, and discover what it means to think “theologically.” 

Fine Arts Camp

Dates: Week 1 | July 15-19 (Day)

Dates: Week 2 | July 21-26 (0vernight)

 Professionally-trained instructors guide campers in art exploration, storytelling, dance, music, and theatre. Fine Arts Camp focuses on educating young girls and developing their communication, critical, and analytical thinking skills. At the end of the week, campers present their work in a Performing Arts Forum on the Saint Mary’s College stage.

Fischoff Chamber Music Summer Intensive

Dates: June 10-14

Fischoff National Chamber Music Association and Saint Mary’s College present a summer chamber music program to support young musicians as they dive deeply into the world of chamber music. Pre-college musicians will work closely with Fischoff’s quartet-in-residence and professional musicians in a variety of settings such as ensemble coaching sessions, masterclasses, workshops, and community outreach events. 

Junior Forensic Science Camp

Dates: June 17-21

Work with a team to solve a mystery! New this year at Saint Mary’s, we are offering a Forensics summer program for our junior scientists! Students will arrive at a staged murder scene where they will work as a team to investigate. During the five day camp, our junior scientists will gather physical evidence, such as fingerprints, fiber and hair samples, in their quest to find the murderer.

Forensic Science Summer Institute

Dates: Week 1 | July 14-19

Dates: Week 2 | July 21-26

On the first day, participants arrive to a staged murder scene. Teams of investigators will gather physical evidence, such as fingerprints, fiber and hair samples, in their quest to find the murderer. The teams solve the mystery by interviewing culprits, applying biology, chemistry, mathematics, and deductive reasoning.  

Healthcare Summer Institute

Dates: Week 1 | July 14-19

Dates Week 2 | July 21-26

This six-day residential summer program is designed for girls interested in understanding what it means to have a career in the health sciences. Saint Mary’s College faculty will lead participants in our newly renovated Center for Integrated Healthcare Education, providing a best-in-class, high-tech atmosphere for learning and engagement in many heathcare disciplines.

Intermediate/Advanced Tennis Camp

Dates: July 14-19

Tennis participants will focus on fine-tuning and improving groundstrokes, serves, returns, volleys, and other specialty shots. Instruction on advanced shots as well as strategy and tactics used in both doubles and singles will be taught through competitive situations and point play.

Songwriting Summer Camp

Dates: July 8-12

A camp for future composers! Immerse yourself in the art of songwriting and discover effective melody, rhythm, harmony, and lyrical techniques. Collaborate with other aspiring writers and perform your work in front of an audience at the end of camp! 

South Bend Youth Symphony Orchestra Summer Camp

Dates: June 17-21

The South Bend Youth Symphony Orchestra (SBYSO) and Saint Mary's College present a summer camp designed for musicians ages 12-22, seeking a fun and enriching opportunity to make great music with like-minded students. Enjoy recreational activities between rehearsals on the lively Saint Mary's College campus.

Spark Business Marketing Summer Institute

Dates: July 14-19

 Spark your marketing mind and earn college credit! This week-long residential summer program will help students understand the latest marketing tools and techniques. Students will learn important concepts for building a marketing plan in a digital universe, creating a brand, and developing engaging content from Saint Mary's College faculty. 

Sports Exploration Day Camp

Dates: June 24-27

Our Sports Exploration Camp is tailored to elementary school-aged girls who will get firsthand experience in each of our eight varsity sports. The basics of tennis, volleyball, golf, lacrosse, cross country, basketball, softball, and soccer will be explored.

Sustainable Living Summer Institute

Dates: July 21-26

Change the world! This new summer program provides hands-on experience at the Saint Mary’s College Sustainable Farm on campus. Participants will learn about the environment and real-world applications of sustainable practices.  Imagine the next generation knowing the next steps towards a greener future before us. Saint Mary's environmental studies professors are masters in botany, biology, and bees, and will guide participants through the week! 


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