Unit Data

The Professional Education Unit uses assessment tools and measurements outlined in the Assessment section of the Electronic Evidence Room to gather information about candidate proficiencies, program effectiveness, and unit operations. When data is collected, the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment analyzes it and produces reports that guide unit discussion and decision-­making.

Data collected since the last NCATE visit are chronicled in this section. Reports from data gathered in spring 2011 were discussed at assessment retreats held August 24, 2011 and February 22, 2012. Data collected and analyzed in spring 2012 will be discussed at the scheduled August 22, 2012 retreat.  Appropriate data is shared with candidates through advising.  Using the data gathered, the Teacher Education Council and the Cooperative Council, important partners in unit decision-making.

Evidence in this section is organized according to the three Steps of the Programs—Step 1, College General Education Requirements and Introduction to the Profession, Step 2, Professional Studies and Content Preparation, and Step 3, Integrated Studies.

GPA is also a factor in a candidate's progress through the steps of her program.  She must have a 2.5 GPA to be admitted to the department and a 2.5 GPA to student teach.

Before moving to Step 3, candidates in the major must earn their Advanced Writing Proficiency.  Secondary Education candidates pass their AWP in their content area. 100% of both Elementary Education and Secondary Education candidates earned their Advanced Writing Proficiency in 2011 and 2012.

Additionally, candidates must pass Praxis II to earn an Indiana license.  In 2011, 100% of Elementary Education majors and 100% of Secondary Education minors passed Praxis II.  Information isn't complete for the class of 2012 at this time.  ETS (Educational Testing Service) sends Institutional Reports to programs with more than 5 candidates; therefore Saint Mary's receives only reports on the Elementary Education program. The number of Secondary Education minors in any given discipline or year rarely meets the required 5 to receive an institutional report. 

When a graduate notifies the unit of her employment, her principal is contacted at the end of her first year of teaching.  The principal survey provides feedback that is aligned with the unit learning outcomes regarding teacher performance. This survey has been mailed in the past, but the unit is planning to use email to see if it can secure greater participation.

For the first time the unit has added links regarding how well prepared the teacher believes she is to the 1 and 5 year out survey sent through the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.  Data will be processed through IR & A and discussed at the August 22, 2012 Assessment Retreat.

Issues of inter-rater reliability are being closely monitored.  The unit has worked with the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment to establish practices that assure fairness.  Additionally, inter-rater reliability is monitored on each assessment where more than one person is evaluating candidate performance.

More data will be added, as it is available.