Stock Transfers

When you give appreciated stock, you receive gift credit for the fair market value of the stock regardless of what you paid for it originally. This can result in a favorable income tax treatment for you, and Saint Mary’s receives support for its students and programs.

Please direct questions regarding stock transfer to:
Adaline Stefanac Cashore '70
Director of Donor Relations
(574) 284-4706

General Stock Transfer Information

  1. Send a letter or email to Adaline Cashore at the address above and let us know that you how many shares or what stock you are planning to give.
  2. Let us know if your gift of stock is for a specific purpose or fund. This helps us be sure you receive proper credit for your gift. Otherwise your gift will be credited to the Saint Mary's Fund.
  3. Be sure to note Saint Mary’s taxpayer information. The College’s taxpayer I.D. number is: 53-0196617. The full, legal name of the College is Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame.

Please note: All gifts of stock are valued at the average price on the date they are electronically deposited in the College’s account or the date of the postmark (for certificates). The valuation assigned by Saint Mary’s is for internal gift recognition purposes only. The amount and date of Saint Mary’s valuation may differ from the amount and date on which your charitable contribution is valued for tax purposes. Please consult IRS Publication 526 or your tax advisor if you have questions.

Gifts of stock can be made in two ways: Electronic Transfer or Manual Transfer. Instructions for each follow.

Electronic Transfer

Gifts of publically traded shares of stock can be made with your broker’s assistance by electronic transfer. Request your broker to transfer the stated number of shares electronically to:

            National Financial Services DTCC# 0226
For the benefit of:  Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana
            Account# NTG-027743

Manual Transfer

Stock certificates physically held in your possession can be given in whole or in part to Saint Mary’s College. If you wish to make a partial gift of shares held in a certificate, send the shares back to the company’s transfer agent and request that the shares be split into two certificates – one in your name and one in the College’s. Your stockbroker or bank officer can help with this process.

If you have the stock certificates in hand, simply endorse the certificates over to the College’s name (Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana) using the form on the back of the certificate. Also, send a letter indicating that the shares are a gift to the College. The letter must be signed by all holders of record on the front of the certificate. Please mail the certificate(s) to: Adaline Cashore, Director, Donor Relations, at the address above. Send certificates via registered mail.