Toni Barstis, Ph.D.


Toni Barstis, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry and Physics
  • Ph. D., University of Michigan
  • B. S., Aquinas College

Areas of Expertises

  • chemistry

Research Interests

  • Chemical Detection using Paper Analytical Devices (PADs): We are developing "low-tech" analytical devices to detect chemical compounds of interest, including counterfeit pharmaceuticals. These devices are paper-based, contain all necessary reagents, do not require power, and can be read by taking a picture with a cell phone and sending it to a web site. They are designed to conduct several tests simultaneously and to be easily operated in a field setting.

Media Exposures

  • Barstis conducts lab with high school students -by Fox 28 - Jan 6, 2011 - watch it now

Topics covered