Julie Storme, Ph.D.


Julie Storme, Ph.D.

Professor of Modern Languages and Intercultural Studies
  • B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Northwestern University


By training an eighteeenth-century specialist (her dissertation was on Montaigne's and Rousseau's conflicted identity as a writer), Dr. Storme has concentrated her professional activities at Saint Mary's College within the field of foreign language pedagogy. She is the author of the workbook for Situations et contextes , a first-year French textbook, and co-authored the intermediate textbook Ouvertures, now in its third edition.

Within the field of language pedagogy, she has special expertise in the teaching of reading and culture. With Dr. Derakhshani, Dr. Storme is a frequent presenter of papers and workshops at pedagogy conferences, and was co-director with her of the NEH-funded Summer Institute for Teachers of French at Saint Mary's in 1993 on "Integrating Language and Culture through Content-Based Instruction."

Dr. Storme has been instrumental in developing the French Studies major, with special courses on France and America from the eighteenth- through twentieth-centuries, and the history of French colonization, for which she received a SISTAR grant (student-faculty research) from Saint Mary's. She also serves on the InterCultural Studies Committee, having served as its first coordinator. Along with others on this committee, she helped establish the InterCultural Studies Minor at Saint Mary's.

Areas of Expertises

  • identity of Muslim women living in Western cultures
  • cultural competence
  • intercultural competence
  • power and privilege
  • interracial dialogue

Topics covered