Matthew Becker

Faculty Profiles

Matt Becker, professor of physics

Matthew Becker

Assistant Professor
Chemistry Physics



PhD, University of Notre Dame
MS, University of Notre Dame
BS, Emporia State University

Research Interests 

  • Quantum dot solar cells
  • Solid state pervoskite solar cells
  • Materials mechanical properties testing
  • X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Courses Recently Taught 

  • PHYS 111/112: College Physics I & II
  • PHYS 253: General Physics III (Modern Physics)
  • PHYS 215: Materials Science
    PHYS 360: Advanced Physics Lab
  • PHYS 444: Electricity & Magnetism

Professional Experience 

  • Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, two years as a lecturer in all levels of physics

Creative and Scholarly Work 

  • "Exploring the Effect of Conduction Band Matching on Output Voltage and Efficiency for CdSe-Metal Oxide Quantum Dot Solar Cells". (in preparation)
  • "How Does a SILAR CdSe Film Grow? Tuning the Deposition Steps to Suppress Interfacial Charge Recombination in Solar Cells." J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 5 (9) (2014): pp 1575–1582.
  • "Photoinduced Surface Oxidation and Its Effect on the Exciton Dynamics of CdSe Quantum Dots." J. Phys. Chem. C., 116 (24) (2012): 13452–13457.
  • "In Situ X-ray Absorption Near-Edge Structure Spectroscopy of ZnO Nanowire Growth During Chemical Bath Deposition." Chem. Mater., 22 (22) (2010): pp 6162–6170.

Professional Memberships 

Sigma Pi Sigma, Physics Honors Society Member

American Physical Society (APS) Member

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society, Full Member and Treasurer of Chapter 111