Laura N. Kloepper

Faculty Profiles

Laura N. Kloepper

Assistant Professor
Environmental Studies


PhD, University of Hawaii at Mãnoa
BA, Boston University

Research Interests 

  • Echolocation
  • Marine biology
  • Climate change
  • Grouping and swarming behavior

Courses Recently Taught 

  • BIO 154L: Foundations of biology II lab
  • BIO 497: Independent study

Professional Experience 

  • High school biology and marine science instructor

Creative and Scholarly Work 

  • Kloepper, L.N., Buck. J.R., Smith, A.B., Supin, A.Ya., Gaudette, J.E., and Nachtigall, P.E. "Support for the beam focusing hypothesis in the false killer whale." The Journal of Experimental Biology 218. (2015): 2455-2462.
  • Kloepper, L.N., Gaudette, J.E., Simmons, J.A., and Buck, J.R. "Mouth gape angle has little effect on the transmitted signals of big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus)." Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 136. (2014): 1964-1971.
  • Kloepper, L.N., and Simmons, A.M. "Bioacoustic monitoring contributes to an understanding of climate change." Acoustics Today 10. (2014): 8-15.
  • Kloepper. L.N., Nachtigall, P.E., Quintos, C. and Vlachos, S. "Single-lobed frequency dependent beam shape in an echolocating false killer whale (Pseudorca crassidens)."  Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 131. (2012): 577-581.
  • Kloepper, L.N., Nachtigall, P.E., Gisiner, R. and Breese, M. "Decreased echolocation performance following hearing loss in a false killer whale (Pseudorca crassidens)." Journal of Experimental Biology 213. (2010): 3717-3722.

Professional Memberships 

Acoustical Society of America
Society for Neuroethology


  • 2016 Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award for "Biologically Inspired Approaches to Overcome Mutual Interference in Active Sensing Systems" award amount $489,000