Laurie Lowry

Faculty Profiles

Laurie Lowry

CO18A Regina Hall


MA, University of Hawaii
BA, Butler University

Research Interests 

  • Notation based dance preservation
  • Ballet history
  • Notation based supportive dance material for clarity of movement
  • Historical dance forms
  • World dance forms

Courses Recently Taught 

  • DANC 144: Mondern dance techniquel: beginning
  • DANC 150: Tap technique: beginning
  • DANC 240: Introduction to dance
  • DANC 243: Dance ensemble workshop
  • DANC 245: Ballet technique: intermediate
  • DANC 247: Pointe technique: beginning/intermediate
  • DANC 250: Tap technique: intermediate
  • DANC 345: Ballet technique: advanced
  • DANC 347: Advanced pointe technique/variations

Professional Experience 

  • DuPage Ballet
  • Sand Diego Ballet
  • California Ballet,
  • San Diego Opera
  • San Diego Starlight Musicals Ballet Hawaii
  • Hawaii Ballet Theatre for Youth
  • San Diego Dance Designs

Professional Memberships 

Corps de Ballet
Congress on Research in Dance
Dance Notatio Bureau