Board Service

Alumnae Association Board of Directors

Criteria for Alumnae Board Service
Duties of an Alumnae Board Director
Board Selection Procedures


  • A Board candidate may have served the College in some capacity, i.e., alumna speaker; resource for an academic department or program office; Alumnae VISA (Volunteers in Support of Admission); class Reunion Gift Campaign; participation in any or all of the Alumnae Association networking programs.
  • A Board candidate shall have demonstrated a variety of leadership skills and attributes through her professional and/or volunteer endeavors.
  • A Board candidate may have demonstrated a commitment to diversity and inclusion through her professional and/or volunteer endeavors.
  • Directors will be selected with consideration given to fulfilling the geographic and class decade need for the upcoming term, as well as geographic and racial and ethnic distribution thus maintaining a Board that is representative of the diverse alumnae population.
  • Once selected, a Board candidate must be a consistent supporter to the College.


  • Make alumnae aware of the objectives, progress, accomplishments, needs and concerns of the College.
  • Make College aware of needs, interests and concerns of alumnae.
  • Attend all scheduled sessions and activities associated with the semi-annual Board meetings on campus to conduct affairs of the Alumnae Association.
  • Serve as a liaison to alumnae clubs and contact areas and prepare written status reports, as required, for each club and contact area to which you serve as a liaison.
  • Promote alumnae club activity and be a resource to alumnae club presidents and area contacts; if geographically feasible, attend local club events and planning meetings.
  • Represent the Alumnae Association at College events and at other events in close proximity to your home.
  • Promote the goals and programs of the College and the Alumnae Association.
  • Serve on one or more standing committees of the Alumnae Board and complete committee work in between meetings in accordance with committee timelines.
  • Serve on the Board Ad Hoc committees, task forces, or special projects as appointed by the Board president.
  • Participate in the Alumnae VISA (Volunteers in Support of Admission) Program as a means of supporting student recruitment.
  • Act as an official line of communication between the College and the alumnae.
  • Return all requested reports, forms, and documents to the Alumnae Office by the designated due date.
  • Contribute to the Annual Fund commensurate with your leadership and capacity to give.
  • Promote the Alumnae Memorial Scholarship as a giving opportunity for all Board members and alumnae at large.



The full term of an Alumnae Board director begins at the close of the annual Reunion following her selection, and lasts for a period of three years, at which time she may be reappointed to serve a second three-year term. A self-evaluation and/or other evaluation will aid in the re-appointment determination.

The semi-annual meetings are held on campus and generally require a three night stay. Occasionally, a special Board-sponsored program may take place in conjunction with a Board meeting. If such a program extends the length of the meeting, adequate notice is given for planning purposes and you are expected to attend.

Customarily, travel to meetings, off-campus lodging expenses and miscellaneous expenses, such as telephone calls and postage, are the responsibility of each Board member and are tax-deductible. On campus housing and meals are provided during official business meetings.

At this time, the fall meeting is held in conjunction with a Notre Dame home game, and when available, each director is provided one ticket for her personal use. Any hotel expenses incurred during the football weekend are the responsibility of the Board member. A limited amount of on-campus lodging is available on football weekends and is awarded on a lottery basis.




FOR 2013-2016 TERM

The Saint Mary’s Alumnae Association Board of Directors
will select four new directors for a three-year term beginning June 2013 at the September meeting. All alumnae are invited to submit nominations (self-nominations are welcome) by July 27, 2012. Please contact the Alumnae Relations Office at (574) 284-4578, email, or visit to obtain a candidate profile form. A personal statement is also required. Candidate profile forms must be submitted on a yearly basis.

Criteria for the 2013-2016 Term

Geographic:  All geographic areas are eligible.
Class decade:  Vacancies may be filled from the 1970s and 2000s.
Among the selection criteria:
     Demonstrated involvement and/or service to the College
     Demonstrated leadership skills through professional
     and/or personal endeavors



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