Distinguished Alumna Award

The nominee should exemplify the standards, ideals, and mission of Saint Mary's in her vocation and be of outstanding service to the College through ongoing work for the Alumnae Association, either with a local club or with the association direction. That service should also be demonstrated through yearly benefaction and other consistently devoted support and friendship to the College. Preference will be given to those award nominees in their reunion year. To submit a nomination for the Distinguished Alumna award by February 21, 2014:

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Alumnae Leadership

Please describe how the alumna exhibits the standards, ideals and mission of Saint Mary's.

Supporting Documents

You are encouraged to provide supporting documents including articles, letters from classmates and/or colleagues. Co-nominators may submit their own nomination form via this link or a letter sent via email, fax and/or mail to the Office of Alumnae Relations.

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If you have questions please contact the Alumnae Relations Office

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