Alumnae Broadcast Email Request

A copy of your request will be sent to this email address on submission; we will use this address to communicate with you regarding this broadcast email request.

Please allow two weeks (10 business days) for your request to be processed and sent.

Please note, subject must include: “Saint Mary’s College” or the name of your club. Keep subject line brief.

This does not need to be the same as the Club Contact Person.


  • Broadcast emails are sent to all alumnae in your club area. If you would like to send your email to neighboring clubs, please fill out an additional form.
  • For Event Announcements include all pertinent information: what, where, when, cost, RSVP information, contact for questions, directions, etc. Include email addresses as well as phone numbers.
  • Include a link to your club’s website where alumnae can go to get more information.
  • Broadcast emails cannot be sent with attachments.
  • Emails will be reviewed for content and formatting and are subject to Alumnae Office staff approval.