What is the Alumnae Resource Network (ARN)?

The Alumnae Resource Network (ARN) is a computerized database of information on alumnae career paths, including their SMC majors, entry-level jobs, current positions, employers and graduate degrees. It also identifies alumnae who are willing to talk to students and fellow alumnae about their careers and the job search process in general. These alumnae have volunteered to be a member of the ARN network and have agreed to release their contact information.

The Alumnae Resource Network can be accessed through the Alumnae Relations Office (for alumnae) or Career Crossings Office (for students) on campus. Users can search by the following categories:

  • Major
  • Job Level
  • City/State
  • Alumnae Club
  • Class Year
  • Position Title
  • Company Name
  • Graduate Schools

How do I become a member of the ARN?

To volunteer, please contact the Alumnae Relations Office at or (574) 284-4578. Your name will be added to the database, and your contact information will be released if students or alumnae request it.

How can alumnae utilize the ARN?

If you in the process of looking for a new job, you may use the ARN to aid you in your search. The search can be done by geographical area and by occupational codes. Before contacting the Alumnae Relations Office with your request, please choose the particular area of the country of focus and the occupational codes that match your field of interest. The list of occupational codes is listed below. Once the Alumnae Relations Office receives your request, a confidential list of alumnae living in the area with the codes you have selected will be compiled and sent to you. If the alumna is a member of the ARN, you will receive her full contact information. If she is not, you will only see her occupation information and ID#. Please let the Alumnae Relations Office know the ID# of the alumna you wish to contact and the office will seek permission to release her name and contact information to you. Download a PDF version of occupational codes .

The ARN is a useful resource for both alumnae and students. Besides becoming a member of the ARN, are there other ways I can connect with students or assist them with their career search?

Yes! The Saint Mary's College Career Crossings Office (CCO), located in the Spes Unica Hall, would love to hear from you. Below is a list compiled by the CCO describing ways alumnae can help current students. Feel free to contact the CCO by phone: (574) 284-4565 or by e-mail: You may also visit their web site at

1. Join the Alumnae Resource Network and entertain questions from current students about your career, current and past employers, and graduate/professional school experiences.

2. “Road trip” to Saint Mary’s to conduct an Employer/Career Information Session. The CCO will arrange for comfortable facilities, publicize the event, and work with the faculty to ensure a respectable student turnout. If you come with your alumnae friends the CCO will arrange for a cluster of career/employer information sessions.

3. List internship, full-time positions, and industry career fairs with the CCO ( The CCO staff will post the information to Go BELLES for viewing by current students and recent alumnae.

4. Source candidates from the Go BELLES resume database. The CCO will arrange easy access for you to meet with available candidates. Invite/encourage your spouse, significant other, and those in your professional network to identify candidates through Go BELLES

5. Post internship, full-time, positions, and graduate and professional school offerings at the virtual Career Opportunities Showcase.

6. Conduct campus interviews (in-person or telephone) to fill internship and full-time positions. The CCO will work with you to promote your opportunity and arrange an interview schedule. When visiting ND for campus recruiting activities plan a visit to the CCO and bring a non-alumna colleague.