Coaches and Staff

Department Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Saint Mary's College Athletics
Angela Athletic & Wellness Complex
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Questions? During normal business hours, call Diane Carter at (574) 284-4694. Other times, call the Angela Athletic Facility front desk at (574) 284-4334.

Department Fax Number: (574) 284-4797


Julie Schroeder-Biek, Director of Athletics

Director of Athletics

Julie Schroeder-Biek
Phone - (574) 284-4333


Diane Carter, Athletics Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Diane Carter
Phone - (574) 284-4694

Ashley Steffey, Director of Sports Medicine in Athletics DepartmentDirector of Sports Medicine

Ashley Steffey
Phone - (574) 284-4335

Katie Bourbonnais, Assistant Director of Sports Medicine in Athletics DepartmentAsst. Director of Sports Medicine

Katie Knisely
Phone - (574) 284-4006

Sarah Miesle, Sports Information Director in Athletics DepartmentSports Information Director

Sarah Miesle
Phone - (574) 284-5290

Melissa Makielski, Basketball Coach Basketball Coach

Assistant Athletic Director
Melissa Makielski
Phone - (574) 284-4907


     Basketball Faculty Representative

Jackie Bauters, Cross Country Coach Cross Country Coach

Jackie Bauters
Phone - (574) 284-4027

     Cross Country Faculty Representative

Kim Moore, Golf Coach Golf Coach

Assistant Athletic Director
Kim Moore
Phone - (574) 284-4817


     Golf Faculty Representative

Amy Long, Lacrosse Coach Lacrosse Coach

Assistant Athletic Director
Amy Long
Phone - (574) 284-4468


     Lacrosse Faculty Representative

Jesse Urquhart, Soccer Coach Soccer Coach

Jesse Urquhart
Phone - (574) 284-4909

     Soccer Faculty Representative

Kelli Zache, Softball Coach Softball Coach

Kelli Zache Martin
Phone - (574) 284-4910

     Softball Faculty Representative

Dale Campbell, Tennis Coach Tennis Coach

Assistant Athletic Director
Dale Campbell
Phone - (574) 284-4531


     Tennis Faculty Representative

Denise Van De Walle, volleyball coach Volleyball Coach

Denise Van De Walle
Phone - (574) 284-4908

     Volleyball Faculty Representative, MIAA Faculty Athletics Representative

     MIAA Faculty Athletics Representative