Athletic Hall of Fame

The Saint Mary's College Athletic Hall of Fame was instituted in 1993 by Athletic Director Jo-Ann Nester. Nester, who served as athletic director from 1984 to 1993, was instrumental in the Department's move from the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Now an honoree herself, Nester is among 32 individuals and four teams currently in the Hall of Fame.


Hall of Fame Inductees

Class of 1993

Tammye Radke Raster ’88 (Basketball)
Sarah Mayer Carron ’91 (Tennis)

Class of 1994

Patty Hatfield Hagan ’88 (Soccer)
Julie Radke Park ’90 (Basketball)

Class of 2001

About the Inductees
1934 Field Hockey Team
Mary Fran Shaff Meekison ’40 (Tennis)
Marvin Wood (Basketball Coach ’84-’95)
Dr. Jo-Ann Nester (Athletic Director ’84-’93/Tennis Coach ’84-’85, ’89)
Dr. Debra Laverie (Tennis ’81-’85/Tennis Coach ’85-’89)
Meghan Rafferty Weldon ’88 (Swimming/Diving)
Kelly Ann Cook Collins ’92 (Soccer)
Karen Lynn Lorton ’93 (Volleyball)
Megan Marie Dalsaso ’94 (Soccer)
Nicole Hill Colucci ’91 (Track and Field)

Class of 2002

Anne Armstrong Amick ’83 (Basketball)
Tom Van Meter (Soccer Coach ’87-’93)
Janine Adamo Below ’87 (Softball)
Cathy Maddox Blum ’77 (Basketball)
Gail Casey O’Grady Slevin ’84 (Swimming)
Jennifer Block Howard ’90 (Tennis)
Patricia Troester Collins ’91 (Soccer)

Class of 2006

About the Inductees
Annette Isom '83 (Track and Field)
Marcia Gaus Berry '91 (Soccer)
Mary Cosgrove '94 (Tennis)
Jennie Taubenheim Robinette '96 (Basketball)
Allison Smith '98 (Swimming)
Stacy Davis '99 (Track and Field)
Larry Szczechowski (Track and Field Coach '83-'01)

Class of 2011

1988-89 Tennis Team
Megan Ramsey '04 (Swimming)
Stefanie Simmerman '05 (Golf)

Class of 2014

About the Inductees
1975-76 Basketball Team
1976-77 Basketball Team
Janet Libbing Prendergast '92 (Soccer, Basketball, Softball)
Michelle Limb '96 (Softball)
Andrea Arena Wade '98 (Softball)

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