Management Information Systems Major (B.B.A.)


Degree Requirements

The Management Information Systems major requires 58 credit hours.

College Core Requirements 50
Business Core Requirements 33
Computer Science Requirements 19
Math Courses 6
Free Electives 20


Required Business Core Courses

BUAD 201* Principles of Financial Accounting
BUAD 202* Principles of Managerial Accounting
BUAD 221* Principles of Mangement
BUAD 231* Principles of Marketing
ECON 251* Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 252* Principles of Microeconomics
BUAD 241 Personal Ethics and Corporate Culture
BUAD 312 Principles of Finance
BUAD 341 Statistical Applications (MATH 241)
BUAD 344 Business Law I
BUAD 446 Strategic Management


* A minimum grade point average of 2.5 is required in these courses to be formally admitted to the M.I.S. program. Until these six courses are completed, a student's status as a major in Management Information Systems will be provisional. It is strongly recommended that the six courses be completed by the end of the Sophomore year.

Required Computer Science Courses

CPSC 207 Computer Programming
CPSC 315** Simulation:  Theory and Application
CPSC 328 Data Structures
CPSC 417 Systems Analysis and Design
CPSC 429 Data Base Systems
CPSC 307** C and Assembly Communications
CPSC 308** Electronic Communications


** Two of these two courses are required.

Required Supporting Courses

MATH 114 Introduction to Statistics
MATH 251 Principles of Operations Research (also listed as BUAD 427)

See MIS Major four year plan for further detail