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Julie Schroeder-Biek

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General Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does camp start? End?
A: Camp begins on Sunday and ends on Thursday. We run two weeks of camp, July 6-10 and July 13-17, 2014.

Q: What are the hours? What is a typical day like?
A: There are three sport sessions each day, the first beginning at 9 am. Each session runs approximately 2.5 hours with lunch and dinner incorporated in the day. We also have a 75 minute break where campers can work on individual skills with coaches, try a different sport, or just relax in the gym or residence hall prior to the dinner hour. A more detailed daily schedule can be found on the Saint Mary’s College Special Events page.

Q: Who runs the camps?
A: Each sport camp is run by a director and various support staff. The directors are all head coaches here at Saint Mary’s College. The support staff generally includes assistant coaches and varsity athletes from Saint Mary’s.

Q: What sports do you offer?
A: We offer cross country, lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis, and volleyball. Please see the Special Events website for more info on which camps are run each week as only volleyball is available both weeks of camp.

Q: What will I learn (skills) at camp?
A: Campers will be charged with learning and developing fundamentals. Those who possess more advanced skills entering camp will be challenged with accelerated drills and techniques of their selected sport.

Q: What equipment should I bring?
A: Please see the specific sport FAQ pages for a detailed list of proper equipment. Each sport is unique and involves differing attire and equipment. In general, campers should avoid jeans and should be sure to bring a pair of indoor, non-cleated athletic shoes for practicing their sport or participating in various activities inside the Angela Athletic Facility.

Q: What should I pack for camp besides athletic equipment?
A: Following enrollment, a list of items campers are encouraged to bring will be sent via mail. Some examples include: bedding; shower items including towels; fans; plenty of clothes, especially on warmer days; snacks; money for the camp store and bookstore; and books/music for down time. Please note – we have a policy against cell phone use during camp.

Q: Can campers bring cell phones?
A: We have a policy that prohibits the use of cell phones at camp. Realistically, we understand that many campers (and parents) will feel safer having a cell phone at camp. We ask that campers do not use these during the week as many campers will not have phones, calling home frequently only exacerbates homesickness, and if a camper needs to reach home, we have phones available 24/7.

Q: Can campers receive mail?
A: Campers can receive mail during the week. Please send all mail to the Special Events Office and note on the envelope the camper’s name and specific camp they are attending.

Q: Is the Saint Mary’s bookstore open?
A: Yes, the bookstore is open during registration and select hours during the week. More detailed information on hours can be found on our website closer to camp dates.

Q: How do I register?
A: Please visit our Special Events Camps website to register online.

Q: What are the fees?
A: The camp fees differ for overnight and day camp. Overnight campers pay $440 prior to March 31. Fee is $490 beginning April 1. This includes over 40 hours of sport instruction, four nights in a residence hall, 12 meals in the Noble Family Dining Hall, various evening activities, and daily options for individual skill sessions. Day campers pay $250. This includes everything listed for the overnight campers with the exception of breakfast and lodging in the residence hall.

Q: Can I get a sibling/team discount?
A: Unfortunately, we do not have the option for sibling or team discounts at this time. If you have a team that would like to all attend camp, please contact Erin Sullivan, Athletic Camp Director, with more details to discuss available options for the future.

Q: What is the attire?
A: Camp attire varies per sport. Please see the individual sport FAQs for more info. Note – jeans are not acceptable attire.

Q: Where do overnight campers stay?
A: Athletic campers will stay in McCandless Hall, #13 on the campus map. McCandless Hall is the building directly south of the Angela Athletic Facility.

Q: Where do we go on the first day of camp?
A: Check-In begins at the O’Laughlin Auditorium (#4 on the campus map). Please take all forms, medications, etc. to O’Laughlin. Once you have checked in with the Special Events staff in O’Laughlin, you will receive a note that directs you to the Angela Athletic Facility (#2 on the campus map) to finish check-in. After check-in has been completed, overnight campers will move into McCandless Hall. PLEASE NOTE – check-in can take some time over at O’Laughlin as ALL summer camps begin check-in there. Please plan enough time to check-in in two locations, move campers into the residence hall, and be back in the gym for the mandatory 4 pm Orientation!

Q: Do campers ever go off-campus?
A: Campers must be escorted by our staff to exit our campus. We only leave campus to make a trip to the Notre Dame bookstore once during camp.

Q: What types of meals are offered?
A: The dining hall offers a variety of foods, including gluten-free options. Types of food include: salad bar, sauté area, pizza, pasta, grill with hamburgers, chicken, grilled cheese, French fries, and a home cooking station. Cereal and breads are available at every meal. Milk, water, juice, Gatorade, and caffeinated beverages are available. If your camper has a specific dietary need, please indicate that on her registration form and we will accommodate her needs.

Q: Are there any non-athletic activities?
A: We offer evening activities following the final sport session each night. Activities include dodgeball, a trivia quiz, and a “Name That Tune” game. ALL campers are welcome to attend the evening activities. Day campers are able to head home at 8pm each night, but are encouraged to stay for the 8-9 pm evening activity if possible.

Q: Is there a pool available?
A: Unfortunately, we do not have a pool on campus so this is not an option for our campers.

Q: Where do the campers practice?
A: Volleyball campers practice inside the Angela Athletic Facility. All other sports are outside on various courts and fields. Our tennis courts are located just west of the Angela Athletic Facility. The soccer/lacrosse field is just north of the facility. The softball field is also located just north of the facility.

Q: When should I drop-off/pick-up my camper?
A: Overnight campers need to be checked in and moved into the residence hall PRIOR to the 4pm mandatory registration on Sunday. Pick-up will be at 3pm on Thursday at the courts/fields your camper practices at. Volleyball and cross country will meet inside the gym. In case of rain, please head into the Angela Athletic Facility. Day campers need to be dropped off and picked up at the designated times, according to the schedule, at the north door of the Angela Athletic Facility. PLEASE NOTE – Day campers must also attend the 4pm mandatory Orientation on Sunday.

Q: Is an athletic trainer/nurse/doctor available?
A: We have an athletic trainer available from 8am-8pm each day of camp. We also have nurses available on campus 24 hours a day during camp.