Bloom for Girls 2015

It's time to ignite the conversation!

Join us for a one-day seminar
on Sunday, July 19th
10am to 3pm. Lunch included.

Bloom for Girls, LLC, (for ages 10–14 years) was created to open dialogue between moms and daughters during a time in our daughters’ lives that doesn’t have to be sad, hopeless, or stressful. It’s a time of new beginnings, fun, and growth.

Our daughters face a number of challenges that include influences on their lives by social media, technology-based “relationships,” their own changing bodies, transitioning to high school, and building friendships.

A report commissioned by Saint Mary’s College, The Status of Girls in Indiana 2013, indicated that, at this age, girls experience feelings of sadness or hopelessness more often than boys.

Bloom is a program for moms and daughters to begin filling our toolboxes with confidence, self awareness, and gratitude for the gift of womanhood we’ve been given.

Join Bloom for a dynamic workshop that will send you forth inspired to embrace your femininity and celebrate the positives of being a woman in today’s society.

We need to keep talking.
We need to keep questioning.
We need to embrace the power we have as women.
It is our time.

Register today - call (574) 284-4778 and Let's Bloom!