Services and Resources

The following  services and resources are available through our office and are offered through individual career counseling appointments, group sessions, workshops, seminars and other related events.


Choosing a Major/Exploring Career Options

Instrumental to the foundation of your career development and growth at Saint Mary’s College and beyond, the CCO is here to support and guide you in choosing your major and exploring career options associated with your fields of interest.  The CCO can provide counseling and access to:

Internship Searching

The CCO can assist you in your internship search by providing you with individual counseling to explore internship goals, searching techniques and the necessary resources to uncover a world of internship possibilities!  Our staff can meet with you to customize your internship search to your particular career goals and needs.

Job Searching

For many, job searching can seem like a full-time job all by itself!  Be sure to visit the CCO and talk with the staff about how to maximize your job search endeavors.  Resources and information are available to help you to develop your networking, researching and job search correspondence writing skills.  We can help you explore your career goals and strategies that will meet your individual needs.

Résumé and Cover Letter Writing

Résumés and cover letters are your opportunity to provide a first and lasting impression with potential employers.  At the CCO, our experienced staff is here to assist you with developing and fine tuning your job search correspondence to make a positive impact on employers.  In addition, our Career Resource Center provides several print publications on writing effective résumés and cover letters which are available for browsing and checking out.

Networking and Interviewing Skills

Perhaps the most difficult to develop and master, networking and interviewing skills are critical to the success of your internship and job search.  The CCO can provide one-on-one mock interviewing and counseling sessions to assist you in developing your interviewing skills as well as learning the basics of networking.  Throughout the year, the CCO will host or co-host programs that allow students and alumnae to utilize and develop both networking and interviewing skills.  Several print publications on these topics are available in the Career Resource Center.

Graduate and Professional School Preparation

Are you considering a career that will require graduate or professional school education?  The CCO can provide you with the resources and information you need to explore graduate and professional schools, uncover financial aid options, create effective personal statements, prepare for entrance exams and much more!

Exploring Alternative Post-Graduate Options

Students from Saint Mary’s College not only enter in jobs after they graduate, but they also explore alternative options such as volunteering and service.  If you are considering this option, stop by and visit with the CCO to explore how your short-term plans can compliment your long-term career and life goals.  The CCO also works closely with the Office of Civic and Social Engagement to provide accurate and up-to-date information on various volunteer and service opportunities throughout the United States and world!

On-Campus Recruiting Program

Several employers from various industries visit the Saint Mary’s campus each year to recruit for jobs and internships.  Employers conduct interviews, information sessions and information tables in which students are encouraged to participate and explore options offered by the employers.  For a current listing of employers recruiting on campus, login to the Go BELLES system.

Credential Files

This service is generally utilized by students and alumnae who will be or have already graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education or Biology, although this service is available for other students and alumnae upon request.  All files are self-managed by the student through the online system  Some fees do apply for this service.  For more information, visit

Programs and Events

Throughout the year, the CCO hosts and co-hosts various programs and events focused on a variety of career-related topics including (but not limited to):

  • Career Insights Expo
  • Grace Under Pressure
  • Annual INCC Career and Internship Fair
  • Post-graduate service and volunteer fairs
  • Job and internship searching workshops
  • Career exploration workshops
  • Résumé and cover letter writing workshops
  • Networking and interviewing skills workshops


All students and alumnae have access to the Go BELLES online system, featuring well over 1,000 job and internship opportunities posted at any given time!  These opportunities are both posted by the CCO as well as other college and university career centers throughout the United States.  Students and alumnae can review postings, apply for positions, post résumés, network with other professionals and much, much more!

Career Resource Center

The CRC houses well over 300 publications on virtually every career-related topic.  Most of the books and resources are available for check-out from the CRC or can be browsed in our office.  In addition, all materials are now cataloged with the Cushwa-Leighton Library’s resources and are now searchable through the library’s online database.  Areas include:

  • Art
  • Business
  • Career Planning
  • Communications
  • Computers/Mathematics
  • Education
  • Foreign Languages
  • Graduate School
  • Health Care
  • Internships
  • Job Searching by Metro Area
  • Job Searching by Strategies
  • Job-to-Career Options
  • Liberal Arts
  • Music
  • Networking
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Occupational Information
  • Public Service
  • Résumé Writing
  • Science
  • Social Services
  • Sports