Additional Campus Resources

Academic Affairs & First Year Studies Program

Academic Affairs and First Year Studies is the central advising office at Saint Mary's College. The advising records of all students (first years through seniors) are maintained in this office. Advisors, in collaboration with faculty, work to promote the academic life of all students. They advise students in the selection of courses, monitor their progress toward graduation and administer academic policies.

Center for Spirituality

The Center helps build a theologically well-grounded spirituality among members of the entire college community. This includes alumnae and friends of the College, both locally and nationally. It offers programs that address contemporary religious issues, creating a network for education in spirituality, especially for women.

Center for Women’s InterCultural Leadership

The Center for Women's InterCultural Leadership (CWIL) advances Saint Mary's College's mission of “preparing students to make a difference in the world” by empowering women to realize their call to leadership and to develop the intercultural knowledge and competence critical in today’s increasingly interdependent world.  In the spirit of the College’s sponsors, the Sisters of the Holy Cross, CWIL promotes human transformation and systemic change, from the local to the global context, by providing challenging, justice-based educational opportunities.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center Staff provides a safe, supportive environment where students can learn to live in health and harmony in community; and understand, explore and draw strength from their relationship with God. Staff members collaborate with and empower students as they develop new (inter)personal skills as they pursue their academic and personal goals.

Disability Resource Office

Saint Mary’s College offers services on an individual basis to students with documented disabilities. The Disabilities Resource Office reviews documentation on a case by case basis, and will seek to maintain the equilibrium between the individual’s right to access and the institution’s right to maintain the integrity of its program.

Division for Mission

The Division for Mission fosters the integration of the Gospel, the riches of the Catholic tradition and the heritage of the Sisters of the Holy Cross into the life of the College community; serves the College community by enlivening the hearts and minds of its members to respond to the Gospel call to community, prayer and service.

Health Center

The Health Center recognizes each Saint Mary's College student as being a unique individual created by God. We support the educational mission of the college by providing high quality care in an accessible, safe, secure, and confidential environment. The staff is committed to assisting students in their development of knowledge, skill and behaviors necessary to become self-directed health advocates. They encourage women to participate actively in their own health maintenance and to make informed choices regarding their care.

Language Learning Center

The Language Learning Center (LLC) houses a wealth of resources to provide students of modern languages with extra practice in their studies. With a generous grant from the Charles E. Culpeper Foundation in 1988, and the continuing support of Saint Mary's College, the LLC is continuously updated to offer students state-of-the-art audio, visual, and computer equipment and supporting materials to bring foreign languages alive.

Multicultural Services and Student Programs

Multicultural Services and Student Programs (MSSP) supports the Saint Mary's College commitment to being a community that is inclusive of women of all races, ethnicities, and cultures. The office works to create an environment in which all students can thrive by providing educational programs, services, support systems, networks, and assisting in the revision and implementation of policies and procedures on diversity initiatives. Multicultural Services and Student Programs' main goals are to provide education and outreach to the entire campus community and to support the retention of underrepresented students.

Office for Civic and Social Engagement

The mission of the Office for Civic and Social Engagement is three-fold: To inform the college community of service opportunities in the local Michiana area; To encourage students, faculty, and staff to give of themselves and their gifts through programs in volunteer service, community engagement and service-learning; and to offer a place for members of the college community to reflect on and discuss their experiences of engagement and service. Through these activities the Office for Civic and Social Engagement upholds the college mission to promote a life of social responsibility while also enlivening the hearts of participants and fostering justice and compassion.

Residence Life and Community Standards

The Department of Residence Life & Community Standards (DRLCS) supports the mission of Saint Mary’s College by creating a safe and inclusive community that promotes the personal growth and success of each resident. We do this by organizing social and educational programs and activities, showing personal attention to students’ needs, and maintaining our community standards.  Furthermore, we are committed to helping women grow in the appreciation of their strengths and the needs of others.

Writing Center

The Writing Center, located in Library Mezzanine, offers tutoring and assistance to students who need help with writing in all academic disciplines including:  generating material, establishing a thesis, strengthening an introduction, focusing an argument, creating cohesive paragraphs, proving points, concluding gracefully, improving grammar and punctuation, and brainstorming ideas to polishing a final draft.