Résumés and Cover Letters

The résumé is a personal marketing tool that outlines your skills and experiences so an employer can see at a glance how you can contribute to their workplace. The most effective résumés are clearly focused on a specific job title and address the employer’s stated requirements for the position. While you may have all the requirements for the position, your résumé may be overlooked if it does not clearly identify these requirements. The more you know about the duties and skills required for the job, and then organize your résumé around these requirements, the more effective the résumé.

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Cover Letters

Every time you submit a résumé for a job, you should submit a cover letter as well. Along with your résumé, your cover letter serves as a personal marketing tool that introduces you to a prospective employer and defines who you are. It highlights your most notable and related qualifications, experiences, skills, and achievements without completely rehashing your résumé.  The more tailored a cover letter is to a specific employer and position, the more effective it will be. Your cover letter is your way to demonstrate the value you would bring to an organization. It also serves as your opportunity to ask for an interview, so don't forget to do so!

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