Faculty and Staff

The Department of Chemistry and Physics


Toni L. O. Barstis, Ph. D.; faculty member since 1993; Director, Engineering Dual Degree Program  (Contact Dr. Barstis: tbarstis@saintmarys.edu)

Specialty area: Physical Chemistry

Education: B. S. Aquinas College; M.S., Ph. D. The University of Michigan

Recent courses taught: Chemistry (121,122, 311, 312, 315, 316, 485)

Research Interests: The PAD (paper analytical devices) Project:  developing, testing, and implementing low cost and easy to use technologies for the developing world.  The educational mission is to support STEM education and training by providing research opportunities and travel support for Saint Mary's students.

Matt Becker, Ph.D., faculty member since 2014 (Contact Dr. Becker: mbecker@saintmarys.edu)

Specialty area: Physics

Education: B.S., Emporia State University, M.S., Ph.D., University of Notre Dame

Recent courses taught: Physics217

Research Interests: condensed matter physics, solar energy conversion via nanostructures, x-ray absorption spectroscopy

Ian Bentley, Ph.D., faculty member since 2012 (Contact Dr. Bentley: ibentley@saintmarys.edu)

Specialty area: Physics

Education: B.S. , New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology; M.S., , Ph.D., University of Notre Dame

Recent courses taught: Physics 101, 221

Research Interests: nuclear physics, computer modeling, astrophysics

Christopher J. Dunlap

Christopher Dunlap, Ph. D., Chair; faculty member since 1997 (Contact Dr. Dunlap: cdunlap@saintmarys.edu) (web page)

Specialty area: Analytical Chemistry

Education: B. A. Illinois Wesleyan University; Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Recent courses taught: Chemistry (111, 121, 122, 121-122L, 332, 411, 475)

Research Interests: Stability and characterization of liquid chromatographic packing materials; phosphate availibility in soils.

Dorothy M. Feigl, Ph.D.; Denise DeBartolo York Endowed Chair in Science, faculty member since 1966, with brief sojourn in administration (1985-99) (Contact Dr. Feigl: feigl@saintmarys.edu)

Specialty Area: Organic Chemistry

Education: B.S., Loyola University Chicago; Ph.D., Stanford University

Recent courses taught: Chemistry (221, 222, 221-222L)

Research interests: Grignard reaction mechanism; fluoroorganic chemistry; synthesis of strained molecules; thermally stable polymers; microwave-assisted organic synthesis; chemical education

Jennifer Fishovitz, Ph. D., faculty member since 2015  (Contact Dr. Fishovitz:  jfishovitz@saintmarys.edu)

Specialty area: Biochemistry

Education: B.S. Gannon University; Ph. D. Case Western Reserve University; Postdoctoral Research, University of Notre Dame

Recent courses taught: Chemistry 324, 361

Research Interests: Structure and function of mitchondrial proteins; mutant protein studies; enzyme kinetics

Kathryn L. Haas , Ph.D.; faculty member since 2012 (Contact Dr. Haas: khaas@saintmarys.edu)

Specialty Area: Bioinorganic Chemistry

Education: B.S. Chemistry, Gettysburg College, PA; Ph.D., Duke University NC; IRTA Post Doctoral Fellow, NIH, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Recent courses taught: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Lab

Research interests: Biochemical mechanisms of human copper transport, as well as the role of transition metals in developmental and age-related disease

Amy Houser

Amy Houser, M.S., laboratory instructor since 2006 (Contact Ms. Houser: ahouser@saintmarys.edu)

Specialty area: Biochemistry and Analytical chemistry

Education: B.S., Saint Mary's College: M.S., Illinois Institute of Technology

Recent courses taught: Chem (111L, 124L, 118L, 121L, 122L, 319)

Kayode D. Oshin, Ph.D., Faculty member since 2012 (Contact Dr. Oshin: koshin@saintmarys.edu)

Specialty area:  Inorganic chemistry

Education:  B.S. Emporia State University; Ph.D. Kansas State University; Postdoctoral Fellowship, Duquesne University

Recent courses taught: Principles of Chemistry, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Research Interests:  Asymmetric Catalysis and Atom Transfer Radical Addition (ATRA) Reactions

Emeritus Faculty

Kathleen Antol, BVM, Ph. D., Assistant Professor Emerita (Contact Dr. Antol: kantol@saintmarys.edu)

Specialty area: Biochemistry

Education: B. A. Mundelein College; M. S. University of Missouri-Kansas City; Ph. D. Texas Women’s University; Postdoctoral Research; St. Jude Children’s Hospital

Research interests: Nucleic acid chemistry: DNA Sequence analysis of viral genes, their expression and regulation; creation and development of viral expression vectors

J. Philip Bays

J. Philip Bays, Ph. D., ACS Fellow, Professor Emeritus (Contact Dr. Bays:  pbays@saintmarys.edu) (Web Page)

Specialty Area: Organic Chemistry

Education: B. A. Northwestern University; Ph. D. University of Wisconsin

Research Interests: Computational Chemistry as it relates to Education.

Joseph J. Bellina, Jr.

Joseph Bellina, Ph. D., Professor Emeritus (Contact Dr. Bellina: jbellina@saintmarys.edu)

Specialty area: Physics

Education: B. S. and Ph. D. University of Notre Dame

Deborah A. McCarthy, Ph. D., Professor Emerita (Contact Dr. McCarthy: dmccarth@saintmarys.edu)

Specialty area: Inorganic Chemistry

Education: B. S. Seattle University; M.S., Ph. D. The Ohio State University

Richard C. Pilger, Jr., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

Specialty area: Physical Chemistry, Physics

Education: B. S. University of Notre Dame; Ph. D. University of California, Berkeley



Richard W. Tarara


Richard Tarara, Ph. D., Professor Emeritus (Contact Dr. Tarara: rtarara@saintmarys.edu) (web page)

Specialty area: Physics

Education: B. S. and Ph. D. University of Notre Dame

Research interests: Physics instructional software development. Free Physics Instructional Software is available at http://www.saintmarys.edu/~rtarara


Peggy Miller

Peggy Miller, B.A., B.S. - Science Hall Chemical Hygiene Officer and Stockroom Manager (Contact Mrs. Miller: pmiller@saintmarys.edu)

Education: B.A. Biology, B.S. Chemistry Indiana University South Bend

 MaDonna Noak - Administrative Assistant (Contact Ms. Noak: mnoak@saintmarys.edu)