Postgraduate Service Blessing and Sending

After Honors Convocation a small group gathered to celebrate and bless eight seniors participating in service work after graduation. Campus Ministry organized the Postgraduate Service Blessing and Sending Ceremony in Regina Hall.

The students and their service organizations are as follows:

Audrey Dalrymple, Sisters of the Holy Cross, Lima, Peru

Bridget Gartenmayer, Notre Dame Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE), teaching in Fort Worth, Texas

Kate Kirbie, Dominican Volunteers (DVUSA)

Meredith Rizzo, Providence Alliance for Catholic Teachers

Kimberly Roland, St. Mary’s Food Bank, Phoenix, Arizona

Margaret Slavin, AmeriCorps, teaching with Monterey County Public Schools, Salinas, California

Lindsey Thielmann, Peace Corps, teaching in Barranquilla, Colombia

Melissa Wagner, City Year, Washington, DC

Images from the service blessing  (see all)