Kappa Gamma Pi

Kappa Gamma Pi is the national Catholic college graduate honor society for graduates who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship, service achievement, and leadership ability, and who further pledge themselves to continued leadership and service activities. The Society was founded in 1926 at the Conference of Catholic Colleges for Women of the National Catholic Educational Association. Kappa Gamma Pi has outlined certain criteria for membership. In order to be considered, a student must have completed seven semesters with honors. Nominees must embrace the mission of Kappa Gamma Pi as a service-oriented graduate honor society and be eager to assume leadership roles in church, civic, or other altruistic causes.

In 2018, the following students were nominated to Kappa Gamma Pi:

Emily Baert
Caroline Beecher
Darya Bondarenko
Leah Buck
Nicole Caratas
Madison Carmichael
Kelsey Conkright
Sarah Connaughton
Gabriela Diamond
Colleen Drolet
Makenzie Duncan
Katherine Dunn
Kelly Geelan
Delaney Gilbert
Katherine Goble
Mary Green
Melissa Henry
Caroline Johnson
Morgan Klein
Kelsey Kopf
Sarah Kosinski
Carmela LaGambina-Lockwitz
Jessica McCartney
Anna McClowry
Bailey Oppman
Megan Shea
Meredith Skorupski
Kathleen Thursby
Molly Zadell
Marin Zumwald