Cross Country Records

Individual Top Times and Finishes

Runner (Class Year) Time Event Individual Place
Megan Gray (senior) 18:26 Manchester Invitational 1st
Megan Gray (junior) 18:42 Manchester Invitational 1st
Joanne Almond (senior) 18:42.6 Calvin Invitational 23rd
Megan Gray (senior) 19:02 Sean Earl Invitational 9th
Brittany Beeler (junior) 19:03.4 Calvin Invitational 30th
Jessica Biek (senior) 19:03.9 Calvin Invitational 40th
Brittany Beeler (freshman) 19:05.3 Calvin Invitational 45th


Runner (class year) Time Event Individual Place
Megan Gray (senior) 21:48 NCAA Regional 4th
Megan Gray (senior) 22:18 MIAA Championship 2nd
Megan Gray (senior) 22:21 NCAA Championship 38th
Brittany Beeler (sophomore) 22:29.3 NCAA Regional 24th
Jessica Biek (senior) 22:35.8 NCAA Regional 23rd
Brittany Beeler (junior) 22:36.7 NCAA Regional 16th
Brittany Beeler (junior) 22:40.5 MIAA Championship 6th
Jessica Biek (senior) 22:46 MIAA Championship 9th
Julia Kenney (sophomore) 22:53.3 NCAA Regional 34th
Joanne Almond (senior) 22:58.9 NCAA Regional 53rd
Julia Kenney (sophomore) 23:05.7 MIAA Championship 14th
Jessica Biek (junior) 23:06 MIAA Championship 22nd
Brittany Beeler (freshman) 23:08.2 NCAA Regional 47th
Megan Gray (junior) 23:44 MIAA Championship 6th

Additional Notes on NCAA Regional and Championship Races

All-Region Performances      
Megan Gray (junior) 22:52 2006 10th
Megan Gray (senior) 21:48 2007 4th
Julia Kenney (sophomore) 22:53.3 2010 34th
Jessica Biek (senior) 22:35.8 2013 23rd
Brittany Beeler (sophomore) 22:29.3 2014 24th
Brittany Beeler (junior) 22:36.7 2015 16th


NCAA Championship Race Performances      
Megan Gray (junior) 25:14 2006 133rd
Megan Gray (senior) 22:21 2007 38th