Cross Currents Program

Four questions define the purpose of the Cross Currents Program and its many initiatives. They provide a context for students' reflection, growth, and empowerment throughout their four years at Saint Mary's. The program provides collaborative opportunities for students, faculty, and community partners.

The Four Questions

More About the Program

The Cross Currents Program plays an integral role in affirming your choice to attend Saint Mary’s College. The resources and programs will help you develop and deepen your understanding of who you are and how you will make a positive difference in the world.

You will explore, discern, and experience the four questions throughout your time at Saint Mary’s. These unifying experiences will take place in the classroom with your faculty and outside the classroom with your peers, community, and the world. You will learn the importance of a liberal arts education and how this impacts your personal development.

Upon graduation, you will be ready to put your passions and gifts into action to follow wherever you believe you are being called. You will be able to confi dently answer the question “how will I make a difference in world?”

Partial funding of the Cross Currents Program is provided by the Sustaining Grant for the Initiative to Promote Opportunity Through Educational Collaborations granted by the Lilly Endowment, Inc.