Intercultural Studies Links


  • Resources for Multicultural Studies
    Website from Skidmore College's library containing a list of multicultural resources

  • Journal of Intercultural Studies
    The Journal of Intercultural Studies showcases innovative scholarship about emerging cultural formations, intercultural negotiations and contemporary challenges to cultures and identities.

  • Multicultural Resources
    A website of multicultural resources Provided by Technology Learning Center and Alachua County Schools.

  • Multicultural Review
    A quarterly journal for teachers, professors, librarians, administrators, and anyone else who is interested in learning about new developments and trends in the field of cultural diversity. Features reviews of new print and non-print resources on multicultural topics and articles that explore current issues.

  • The Centre for Intercultural Studies (CIS)
    In 1998 the Council of Europe and the University of Klagenfurt established a unit for intercultural studies. The Centre is a cooperative venture between different departments in the fields of intercultural communication and education, human rights, minority rights and multilingual matters.

  • Standards: The International Journal of Multicultural Studies
    This link takes you toa website with on-line version of the journal. STANDARDS is an independent, not-for-profit electronic journal, hosted by the University of Colorado, Boulder.

  • The Institute for Intercultural Studies
    Margaret Mead established the Institute for Intercultural Studies in 1944. According to the website, "she defined its concerns as advancing knowledge of the various peoples and nations of the world, with special attention to those peoples and those aspects of their life which are likely to affect intercultural and international relations."

  • Intercultural Press
    Publishes "books and training materials that help professionals, businesspeople, travelers and scholars understand the meaning and diversity of culture. You will find country guides and culture guides as well books on the expatriate experience, global business, travel writing, as well as important tools for trainers and professional development."