Got Global Interests?

A current student at Saint Mary's College, Kaitlyn Rabach, plans to major in two disciplines—political science and global studies with a concentration in gender and women’s studies.

“My political science major will allow me to study politics within my own country, and my global studies major will allow me to broaden my horizons and learn of the many different cultural and political practices that occur outside of the United States.”

Develop Global Skill Sets!

Rabach is not missing any opportunity to broaden her intercultural competence. Last fall she studied abroad in Morocco at Al Akhawayn University.  This spring she plans to study in Washington DC at American University in conjunction with her Political Science major.

Over the last two summers she has served as a mentor to international students at a Study of the United States Institute (SUSI) hosted by the College and sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.

“I met young women leaders from all parts of the world and learned about many different issues facing their countries in terms of women’s issues, economics, and human rights,” Rabach said. “The SUSI program opened my eyes to the many injustices the world faces, and it also showed me that many Americans do not know what goes on outside of their own borders. The global studies major will allow me to further explore such international issues.”

See and Experience the World for Yourself

All students completing the Global Studies major or minor participate in Saint Mary's College study abroad programs.  If a student is not able to participate in a semester length program, she may participate in summer and semester break programs totaling a minimum of five weeks. 

Prepare for Global Careers

Global Studies programs will lay the foundation for careers in a wide range of globally oriented fields.  These include opportuntities with both public and private sector organizations as well as the vast and growing world of non-profit agencies, institutions and foundations, research centers, public interest groups, and non-governmental development agencies.