Advanced Writing Requirement in Mathematics

The Advanced Writing Requirement in Mathematics



The purpose of the Advanced Writing Requirement in Mathematics is to nurture the development of the mathematical writing of our students in order to deepen their understanding of mathematics and to enable them to communicate mathematical ideas to a range of audiences. This experience will also help prepare students for the writing needed in their professional careers. Fulfillment of the advanced writing requirement in the major is required for graduation from Saint Mary's College.

Honesty Policy

Papers should be prepared in compliance with the statement on Academic Honesty in the Student Handbook. Students are expected to work independently. Papers which are substantially identical will be rejected. Infractions of the code will be referred to the Academic Affairs Office.

Process (Outline)

To demonstrate proficiency in mathematical writing, the student will prepare a portfolio consisting of three papers as described below [see The Portfolio]. In each case, the paper must be approved by a committee of the Mathematics Department.


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