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Resources for Mathematical Writing

Each discipline has its own requirements and conventions for writing. We describe some references for mathematical writing.

  • Stephen B. Maure, Undergraduate Guide to Writing Mathematics, to be published.

    This is the major reference for students, as it is written specifically for undergraduates. It is an excellent source for information on forms of mathematical writing and on stylistic and formatting issues regarding mathematical writing. You should read this book and turn to it first when you have a question about formatting or style.

  • Leonard Gillman, Writing Mathematics Well, The Mathematical Association of America, 1987.

    This is a short guide to writing written mainly for professional mathematicians, but you will find many useful tips in it. It addresses style and formatting issues.

  • Norman E. Steenrod, Paul R. Halmos, Menahem M. Chiffer, and Jean A. Dieudonn{\'{e}, How to Write Mathematics, American Mathematical Society, 1973.

    This pamphlet contains four essays about writing mathematics. It is of most use to professionals.

  • Steven G. Krantz, A Primer of Mathematical Writing, American Mathematical Society, 1997.

    While this book is also aimed at professionals, the first three chapters deal with issues of style and formatting.

  • There are copies of these references in the library.


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