Preparing the Mathematics Advanced W Portfolio

Advanced Writing: The Process of Preparing the Portfolio


The sophomore and junior years

Essential parts of the writing process include writing for an audience of peers, acting as a peer editor, and revising papers in accordance with the suggestions made by the teacher and a peer editor. These aspects of the writing process will be incorporated into some class assignments.

At the end of the fall semester, each sophomore and junior will submit a selection of her best writing from her mathematics classes. The precise nature of the selection is determined by the teachers of her courses, who will meet over the semester break to determine how each student is progressing in her writing. Each student will receive a written evaluation of her writing, noting, in particular, the aspects which need improvement. (See \S 4 for a complete description of this evaluation.) She should devote particular attention to solving these problems as she prepares her spring semester writing assignments.

At the end of the spring semester, each sophomore and junior will submit a selection of her best writing for that year. The writing committee will meet again to evaluate the student's writing and to determine which students have met the departmental standards for that year. Each student will receive an evaluation of her writing, indicating if she has met the Department's standards as well as aspects of her writing which need improvement. The student will be notified of the decision by June 1. If a student's work is judged to be satisfactory, a sample will be placed in her portfolio. Any student whose writing is not yet satisfactory will be instructed either to revise an assignment completed during that year or to complete another assignment deemed appropriate by the instructors. Final submissions must be accepted by the following fall break.

Consequences of missing the deadline for completion of the requirement: If, by fall break, a student does not meet the requirement outlined in her written evaluation, she will receive a notice of deficiency in ALL her mathematics courses. If she does not meet the requirement by the end of the fall semester, she receives an incomplete in all her mathematics courses.

The senior year

The student prepares her paper under the direction of her project advisor. When it is complete and acceptable to this advisor, she prepares three copies for her examining committee. Following the Senior Comprehensive oral exam, the student will meet with her advisor or all members of the committee (the advisor will choose the most practical route) to find out if the paper requires revision. If it does, the student will make the revisions and give a revised copy to her advisor. The advisor will monitor the revision process and notify the student when her paper is acceptable.