Mathematics Advanced Writing Progress Reports

Advanced Writing - Progress Reports

At the end of each semester, a student receives from a committee of the Department an assessment of her progress towards completing the appropriate requirement. The assessment consists of two parts: an overall assessment of progress towards completion of the requirement and a list of writing standards which require attention based on her writing samples.


Overall Assessment

The overall assessment options are the same for both the sophomore and junior years.

At mid-year, the overall assessment falls into one of the following categories:

  • the student is on track to satisfy the requirement;
  • the student should be able to satisfy the requirement if her writing continues to improve; or,
  • the student's writing needs significant improvement;the committee does not have enough samples to evaluate the student's progress.

At the end of the year, the outcomes of the overall assessment by the writing committee are similar.One of the student's papers is judged to satisfy the requirement and is added to her portfolio.

  • One of her papers is chosen for further revision in order to complete the requirement.
  • There are not enough samples of writing to evaluate the student's progress. She is asked to meet with her advisor.
  • The student's writing needs significant improvement to demonstrate proficiency. She is asked to meet with her advisor.



The standards for writing proficiency for the sophomore year are listed below.

  1. Accuracy

    • Mathematical ideas are described accurately.
    • Mathematical language and notation are used correctly.
    • The paper is free of mathematical errors
    • The directions for the assignment, including attention to the intended audience, are followed.

  2. Organization

    • Mathematical arguments and analyses flow logically.
    • The paper has an effective introduction and conclusion.
    • The paragraph structure is cohesive.
    • The paper is organized around a central idea.
    • The paper is well organized.

  3. Clarity and Insight

    • Mathematical ideas are described clearly and with sufficient detail.
    • The wording is smooth and clear; word choice is appropriate.
    • Transitions between ideas are clear.
    • The development of mathematical ideas shows insight and depth.

  4. Mechanics

    • The paper is free of grammatical, typographical, and spelling errors.
    • Appropriate mathematical format is followed.
    • Use and format of citations and bibliography are correct.
    • Tables and figures are appropriately labeled and formatted.

The standards for the junior year include all the above with the addition of the standards given below:

  • The significance of mathematical results is described accurately and clearly.
  • Formal proofs and analyses are precise and succinct.
  • The appropriate professional format for the paper is followed.