Religious Studies Program

Major and Minor

In addition to the two courses in Religious Studies required of every Saint Mary's student, the department offers a major in Religious Studies and a minor in Religious Studies. The major consists of a total of 9 courses (that is, 7 courses beyond the 2-course core requirement), and the minor consists of a total of 5 courses (3 beyond the core requirement). It's also possible to double major in Religious Studies. Many of our students do this and link their Religious Studies program with some particularly interesting combinations (math & religion, economics & religion, psychology & religion, social work & religion, and so on.) In addition, many Saint Mary's students who have completed their two core requirements in Religious Studies, and who are neither majors nor minors, frequently take Religious Studies elective courses during their junior or senior years for their own personal enrichment or enjoyment. Click here for course information.

Lay Ministry Program

This program, designed by Saint Mary’s College Campus Ministry Department in collaboration wit h th e Religious Studies Department, prepares students for future study and work in ministry.  The lay ministry pro gram offers courses, workshops and supervised experiences in various aspects of ministry.

At the time of graduation, students who have successfully completed the program will graduate with a minor in Religious Studies and be recognized at the Religious Studies Hooding Ceremony.

Candidates are students who:                                             

  • Have some experience in ministry (high school/college)
  • Show basic knowledge of Catholicism and interest in their own faith development
  • Are able to relate well with others and show emotional and spiritual maturity 
  • Are willing to give necessary time for training, education and reflection on their  ministry experiences

Please visit Campus Ministry Department for Course Requirements 


  2014 Lay Ministry Graduates  
  Grace Urankar and Haley Koth


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