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Religion Links


General Background

  • Saved by Hope: Pope Benedict XVI's second encyclical, released November 30, 2007.
  • Web Links: great collection of Catholic links on liturgy, saints, religious orders, Catholic media and organizations, etc.
  • The Catholic Internet Directory: a site featuring the top 40 most visited Catholic sites on the internet, Catholic diocesan web sites and e-mail directories, Catholic publications, Catholic organizations on the web, Christian service volunteer organizations, Catholic internet directories, religious orders, and catholic high schools and colleges on the web.
  • Catholic Online: major gateway to Catholic resources on the internet. This site also features news and current events relating to Catholicism.
  • This site has links to the Vatican, National Council of Catholic bishops, online dioceses and parishes, all Catholic colleges in the United States and many high schools and grade schools, male and female religious orders, Catholic news agencies and organizations.
  • The Church and the Internet: A 2002 document from the Pontifical Council for Social Communications which assesses the positive and negative contributions of the internet for both Church and world. A companion document entitled Ethics in Internet analyzes the ethical implications of this new form of communication.
  • Academic Info: Christianity: meta-indexes and general directories, reference resources, online texts and archives, Christian thinkers and theologians, and a lot more.
  • Other Catholic Resources on the Net: billed as the largest index of Catholic sites on the web, this site features information on art & architecture, the Bible, online Catholic books and periodicals, Church teachings, reference resources, saints, college student organizations around the country, and traditional sites featuring Latin prayers and the Latin mass
  • Catholic Answers: questions and discussion about official Church teachings regarding such topics as God, creation, revelation, sin, salvation, eschatology, the Church, saints, sacraments, and morality
  • The Vatican Home Page: information about the pope, along with on-line versions of his major writings; and a wealth of other background about the Vatican, including the Roman Curia, the Vatican News Service, the Vatican Museums, and the Vatican Archives.
  • Vatican Radio: news of the Holy See and real-audio hookup in English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, and Swedish
  • Information on the institution of the Church: a complete list of popes, with information on each one; basic Catholic teaching on the papacy; a complete list of all the world's cardinals, with links to those with their own home pages; home pages to Catholic religious orders and dioceses in the United States
  • Pius XII and the Holocaust: a good collection of links and articles about the continuing controversy of the pope's actions during the Second World War
  • Church documents by subject: an alphabetical list of Latin titles along with the subject of the statement, and usually its author and date
  • The Documents of Vatican II: The Second Vatican Council (or Vatican II) was a series of meetings between the pope (first, John XXIII, and then Paul VI) and the world's Catholic bishops held from 1962-1965 in Rome which sought to re-evaluate or reappriase all aspects of the Catholic faith as they related to the modern world.
  • The Code of Canon Law: the juridical law of the Roman Catholic Church, canon law is the body of regulations made by Catholic ecclesiastical authority for the government of the Church and its members
  • Mass times and places: This site lists Mass times for more than 80% of U.S. churches and provides a map option to view a local street map to find a church's location.
  • Catholic Worship: a site devoted to the Catholic liturgy, with information on rites, prayers, sacraments, and music
  • The Saints Page: offers brief biographies of individual saints, frequently asked questions about saints, a calendar of feast days, and a list of patron saints
  • ZENIT: an international news agency whose mission is to provide objective coverage of events, documents and issues emanating from or concerning the Catholic Church
  • Voice of the Faithful: a lay-led, lay-initiated group founded in 2002 in response to the sexual abuse crisis, its motto is "Keep the Faith, Change the Church."
  • The Catholic Worker Homepage: not an online version of The Catholic Worker, but rather an 'unofficial' collection of links to issues relating to this periodical and its heritage; links to Catholic Worker houses around the world, links to writings by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin, and other WWW resources for Catholic workers
  • SisterSite: a clearinghouse for information on women's religious congregations, the history of religious life, and the contemporary concerns of women in Church and society. This site also features extensive links to women's theology and spirituality.
  • Center for the Study of Latino/a Catholicism: Sponsored by the University of San Diego, this mission of this center is "To research and reflect theologically on Latino/a Catholicism and its impact on the overall U.S. (western) Catholic Church, and to do so in a systematic, ecumenical, multiperspectival, interdisciplinary, intercultural and critical manner."
  • Pastor's Pointers: an enormous collection of links to denominations and ecumenical programs, music ministry resources, online seminaries and divinity schools, religious resource websites, starting points for web searches, and other interesting websites for social action.
  • Fidens Quarens Internetum: information and online works by notable theologians--Augustine, Aquinas, Barth, Bonhoeffer, Luther, Wesley, Buber, C.S. Lewis, and others
  • From Jesus to Christ: website from the PBS series about the first Christians. It features extensive background on the life, death, and influence of Jesus Christ, and excellent links to related issues.
  • Theology bibliographies: a truly extensive collection of resources on a wide range of theological and biblical topics
  • Finding God in Cyberspace: a guide to religious studies resources on the web. This site offers a selective list of general and specialized internet resources for religious studies faculty and students. It links to print resources, people resources, digital resources (e-texts and journals), sub-disciplines of religious studies and theology, religious traditions; and also has an interesting set of links on the topic of the effect of cyberspace on the theory and practice of religion.
  • Programs for the Study of Religion Worldwide: a site from the University of California at Santa Barbara offering the most comprehensive index presently available of programs devoted to the study of religion that also have sites on the World Wide Web
  • Shamash: The Jewish Network, which "strives to be the highest quality central point of Jewish information and discussion on the Internet"
  • a comprehensive site about Islam, "maintained by a dedicated group of individuals who are trying to present a balanced and accurate picture of Islam." It features information about Islamic history, beliefs and audio and video files of Islamic practice. This is, however, Islam from a Shi'ite point of view. For a different (Sunni) perspective on Islam, see IslamiCity.
  • gives statistics on membership in different religious groups. A statistics-rich site.
  • Guide to Resources in Theology: Anglican resources, Catholic resources, Evangelical and Ecumenical resources, Orthodox resources, Protestant resources, along with links to various sacred texts and manuscripts
  • American Religion Data Archive: archive that stores and distributes data sets from the leading studies on American religion. Many polls and survey results.
  • Homework Central's Religion Resources: explanations of various faiths and theologies; along with reference sources, religions by location, interreligious studies, and religion research tools
  • Foundations: an online glossary for beginning theologians, created by undergraduates at the University of Notre Dame

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The Bible

  • Search the entire Bible for any word. Every passage where that word appears will show up. Or, just type in a particular citation under "Passage," select "Look Up," and that portion of the Bible will appear. I also recommend selecting the "RSV" version of the Bible.
  • World Wide Study Bible: an attempt to organize all the Bible-related resources on the web. This site features both text and commentary on all the books in the Bible.
  • Resource Pages for Biblical Studies: Bible texts and translations, electronically published biblical studies, aspects of the Mediterranean social world, biblical studies and computer technology
  • Society of Biblical Literature: The SBL maintains this page of electronic publications and resources for biblical studies. It features electronic journals and extensive resources fo r biblical scholars.
  • Goshen Net Bible Study: multi-translation concordance, Bible dictionary, dictionary of names in the Bible, Greek and Hebrew lexicon
  • Diotima: Biblical Studies: a comprehensive resource for researching Bible topics, with Greek and Hebrew renderings of individual verses

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Online Catholic Periodicals

  • America: a weekly magazine published by Jesuits in the United States for thinking Catholics and those who want to know what Catholics are thinking
  • Commonweal: the on-line version of this independent review of public affairs, religion, literature, and the arts
  • The National Catholic Reporter: the on-line version of a weekly independent, lay-edited Catholic newspaper. If you want to keep up with current events in the Church and in the world as they relate to the Church, this is the best place to look.
  • The Tablet: a Catholic weekly from the United Kingdom
  • First Things: a journal of religion, culture, and public life
  • U.S. Catholic: the on-line version of the monthly Catholic magazine.

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Search the Web

  • Google: the best and most powerful single search engine around
  • scours 200 million web pages, most of the time in under a second
  • All-In-One: a meta-search form and collection of an enormous number of search forms
  • Ask Jeeves: a very helpful service which allows you to put your question into plain English. You'll receive a response listing places on the web where you can go to find the answer.
  • The Catholic News Service: the oldest and largest news wire service specializing in reporting on religion, the Catholic News Service is the the primary source of national and world news that appears in the U.S. Catholic press. It is also a leading source of news for Catholic print and broadcast media throughout the world.
  • Goshen Net: news and current events in the world of religion with excellent archives for searching past news stories
  • real audio from radio stations around the world; including the BBC World Service, CNN, local TV stations, news & talk radio
  • Starting Points for Web Explorers: help in using the web, frequently asked questions about the web, basic tutorial on the Internet and the WWW, other search and indexing resources

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