Meet the Social Work Alumnae

Alexandra Sassano 13 Catholic Charities

Alexandra Sassano '13, Catholic Charities

     When I came to Saint Mary’s I never considered Social Work as a major.  I took many different general education courses to try to figure out what I wanted to do with my life but I could not seem to find anything that I was really passionate about.  When my advisor suggested that I take the Intro to Social Work class I figured that I had nothing to lose.   I fell in love with the field and knew that I wanted to be a Social Worker.

     I want to be a Social Worker because it is not a career that just anyone can have.  One must be passionate, empathetic, and willing to look beyond what is on the surface.  It can be emotionally taxing at times but at the end of the day Social Workers make a difference in at least one person’s life, and that’s exactly what I want to do.

Griselda Palma 13

Griselda Palma '13,

I’ll? be ?very? honest,? when ?I ?came ?to ?Saint ?Mary’s ?I ?never? thought ?I? would ?end? up ?wanting ?to? be? a? social? worker.?  I ?never? really? knew? much? about? the? major? until ?I? accidently? walked ?into ?Dr.? K’s ?office ?asking ?about ?sociology ?classes.  ?It ?wasn’t ?until she? explained ?the ?field ?of ?social ?work ?and ?its ?many ?possibilities ?that ?I ?began ?to consider ?it ?as ?a ?major.

Social? work ?sees ?the ?needs ?of ?others ?as ?well ?as ?a? need ?for ?change.  ?It? uses ?the theories ?in ?psychology ?and? sociology ?and? applies ?it ?to ?all? fields ?of ?human ?behavior.  ?It doesn’t ?just ?focus ?on ?the ?individual ?but ?the ?individual ?within ?its ?surroundings.? With a ?degree? in ?social? work ?you ?could ?do ?a ?variety ?of? social ?services. ??From? counseling? little ?kids? to ?working? with? politicians, ?it? will ?just ?about ?take ?you? anywhere ?you ?want  to ?go.  ?For ?me, ?it ?happens ?to ?be ?helping ?others ?around? the ?world.  ?The ?plus? side ?about getting? this ?degree ?at ?Saint ?Mary’s ?is ?that ?when? it ?comes ?time ?for? graduate ?school you ?can ?apply ?for? the ?one? year ?program.

This? major ?is? more ?than ?a? career ?choice.  ?It’s? a? way? of ?life.  ?It ?is ?one? that? I? know? is? right ?for ?me.

Katelyn Roitz 13 Hope Ministries

Katelyn Roitz '13, Hope Ministries

I want to be able to help people reach their goals when they are struggling to do so on their own.  I want to give people who are underprivileged the opportunity to reach their maximum potential, and be a voice for them. This is exactly why I want to be a social worker. Bottom line I want to help people.