Meet the Social Work Alumnae

Kenzie Carpenter  13 Youth Service Bureau

Kenzie Carpenter '13, Youth Service Bureau

I was born to serve others in need. I've always had a passion for helping others, but it wasn't until I understood exactly what social work was that I realized I could make a career out of it. I truly believe that everyone has a purpose in life, but some people are faced with situations or events that deter them from, or make it difficult to know their purpose and that is why I want to be a social worker. I want to empower people and teach them the skills they need to succeed in life, and if while I'm working with them they find their purpose, well then I consider that an added bonus!

Monica Murphy 13 IVY Tech

Monica Murphy '13, IVY Tech

With the endless opportunities that I have had to reach and invest in people, I feel that being a social worker will allow me to continue to impact people. In everything that I do, I want to build the kingdom. I believe that helping people comes from a place of authentic compassion. I want people to get excited about their lives. No matter what challenges people have faced, or the mistakes they have made, there is still this amazing purpose for them to fulfill. I want to help empower people so that they can transform their minds. After all, everyone was born for greatness. Furthermore, as a social worker, I believe that I will help people to live a bold and full life—but they must be committed to building one. I am called to achieve my dreams and to let my life speak for the greater good. To sum it all up, here is my motto that I live by: “Believing in people before they have proven themselves, is key to motivating people to live their best possible life.” –John Maxwell.

Gabriella Masini 13 Kids Peace

Gabriella Masini '13, Kids Peace

     Ever since I was little, my dad would read the newspaper to me.  I would sit in his lap and he would teach me about society.  My dad talked about the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The good parts would be about someone positively contributing to the world.  An example would be a little girl raising money for her school.  He would also teach me about the bad aspects, such as a person stealing a car.  Then, my dad would read article about the ugly elements of our community.  For example, if a woman was sick on the street and no one helped her.  Or when a student had been bullied and her friends said nothing.  Spending these moments with my dad taught me how I want to impact the world.

     I have always been interested in policy because it allows our society to function.  It is fascinating to me how and why a law is successful.  My passion is to help people through federal laws and social welfare programs.  I want to understand the effectiveness of policies and how we can serve populations better.  Many people do not want to work with at risk populations because of their prejudices or stigmas. I believe a great society is equally concerned about the powerful and the powerless.  My personality and skills are best suited for policy analysis and advocacy so I can help those vulnerable people.  Maybe one day, my dad will be reading about my contributions to society.