Meet the Social Work Alumnae

Rebekah Kohn 13 St Joseph Probate Court Juvenile Division

Rebekah Kohn '13, St. Joseph Probate Court Juvenile Division

When I came to Saint Mary’s I already knew I wanted to be a social worker; in fact, I wanted to be a social worker before I even knew that what I wanted to do is called social work.  The mission statement of the social work program here at Saint Mary’s states that “students will work for social and economic justice with oppressed populations in society, in the workplace, and in civic, home and spiritual communities.” For my whole life I have wanted to advocate for others; and I know that with the education I receive in my courses, in the field, and from my peers, I will be better prepared to make an impact than I would in any other field.  To me, being a social worker means being the necessary link between individuals, their families, their communities, and countless other resources.  I hope that I will help people to expand their opportunities and build health relationships.  I want to be a social worker, and I have never wanted to be anything else.

Julie Reed 13 Individuals and Families in Transition

Julie Reed '13, Individuals and Families in Transition

Growing up my mom always taught me to give until it hurts and then give a little more. From the day I applied to Saint Mary’s I knew I wanted to major in social work. As I moved through my academic years at Saint Mary’s and enrolled in more social work classes, I found myself with even more confidence in my decision to pursue social work. Many life events put me in a position to experience firsthand the empowerment that someone in the field of social work can give to those they work with. This year I have a placement at the Elkhart County Women’s Shelter and it has solidified my calling to help women and children overcome obstacles and achieve goals they never thought possible. Following through with the lesson my mom taught me, I find myself with an unending passion to help others with everything I have and because of this I want to be a social worker.

Elizabeth Morales 13 Family Justice Center

Elizabeth Morales '13, Family Justice Center

     When I applied to Saint Mary’s College I had no intention of becoming a Social Worker, I did not even know Social Work was a major. I came to Saint Mary’s as an intended Religious Studies major. My second semester freshman year I took Introduction to Social Work as a General Education requirement. It was there that I learned Social Workers were not just people that dealt with Foster Care and Child Protective Services. I also learned something about myself; I grew up with domestic violence.

     I always knew my household was not entirely normal, but I figured it was normal enough. Finding out that what I lived through was domestic violence made me want to spread the word to others that may not know what they’re dealing with is domestic violence. I want to be able to advocate for those victims and survivors. Learning more about how I can help makes my passion grow stronger. I want to help those people overcome their traumatic past and help them realize that there is life after victimization. I want victims and survivors to know that they are not alone and with the proper resources they can rise above. I would like to help those in need and those who want help. I want to be able to make a difference, even if I only make a difference in one person’s life.