Meet the Social Work Alumnae

Megan Considine 13 Center for the Homeless

Megan Considine '13, Center for the Homeless

I believe that all people were put on this planet to be loved and respected and treated with basic human rights. I want to be a Social Worker because I want to advocate for those who are mistreated and often pushed to the side. I feel called to helping those who often do not know how to help themselves. I think it is important in life to have people to help guide you and support you. Everyone should feel empowered and loved. I want to be a Social Worker to make a difference in the lives of people who may not have anyone else. I want to be a Social Worker because I would want someone to help me and believe in me when I had no one else. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, especially in a world where basic respect is no longer a priority. I want to be a Social Worker with the hope that my actions will make others change and strive for better.

Paige Edmonds 13 River Bend Cancer

Paige Edmonds '13, River Bend Cancer

When I came to Saint Mary’s College, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my future.  I wanted to be a genetics counselor so I thought that the science path would be perfect for me.  I soon realized that it wasn’t the science aspect that I loved so much about genetics counseling, it was the fact that every day I would be helping others.  I believe in the mission of social work and the principles that created the profession. I enjoy the idea of working with others so that they may meet their fullest potential.  I strongly believe that all individuals should be empowered to enhance their well-being and be encouraged to make positive enhancements in their lives.  In becoming a social worker, I am able to help individuals reach their goals by connecting together the little things in their lives.  When I look forward to my career as a social worker, I look forward to the many rewarding opportunities that I have to make a difference in the lives of others.  This is why I want to be a social worker.

Adrienna Perales 13 The Activity Center

Adrienna Perales '13, The Activity Center

Growing up in a big family has helped me grow into the role of caretaker. Simple task like helping my brother with his homework or cooking dinner for my family shaped me in to the caring person I am today. It wasn’t until my incoming freshman year that I realized I could make a living out of helping and caring for people. After talking with the social work professors and taking the Intro class, I became aware that there are so many different things that I can do with a Masters in Social Work. That’s one of the many things that I love about my major. I know there is no way I will ever be bored because I have been trained to handle so many different problems and situations that can occur in hundreds of different work environments. Being a social worker allows me to help so many people in so many different areas.