Meet the Social Work Alumnae

Anna McMahon 13 Ryans Place

Anna McMahon '13, Ryan’s Place

My goal in becoming a social worker is to make an impact on people’s lives so that they are inspired to better their own lives and be successful in life. I especially want to help young children who may not have a support system or role model they can look up to. I hope to be someone they can turn to and get answers to be able to make informed decisions foe their lives that they can feel confident about. Kids have so much energy and enthusiasm and as a social worker I want to help them find ways to channel this energy in a positive direction. As they grow up they discover who they are and who they want to be. By using the strengths perspective I can help them discover their gifts and talents so they can develop them and become confident and successful individuals. I hope that in turn, they too wish to make an impact on other’s lives.

Meghan ORourke 13 YWCA

Meghan O'Rourke '13, YWCA

Social work is more than working with troubled persons, groups, or policies in society. I see Social Work as taking each person or problem, individually, as is, and making it work. I love the idea that you can make the human mind figure itself out and change a person’s point of view to work for their best interests. To watch that all happen inside of their own head is amazing. It’s reverse psychology at its best where I’m concerned.

I’ve seen addicts in hospitals with the shakes and mothers who leave their kids at a fire station because they just can’t take care of them anymore. When the opportunity arose to choose my major and become really specific, I knew that I had been involved with this general area of helping for too long to not grasp at the chance of a helping profession. I’ll admit it may be one of the professions with the highest rate of burnout, but if you can honestly save one person’s life, have a mom realize her child is more important than her drug, or connect someone to services that help to save their house, then it’s all worth it.

Alma Bravo 12 Catholic Charities

Alma Bravo '12, Catholic Charities

As a sophomore I had the opportunity to take Intro to Social Work and the Human Behavior and Social Environment courses and I absolutely fell in love with the possibility of being able to work collaboratively with people from various backgrounds and with diverse needs.  As a senior, I now appreciate to a greater extent all of the knowledge I have gained, knowing that at my field placement I will be prepared to face unexpected challenges and opportunities.  I know that all of these experiences will be a stepping stone to the rest of my professional life, and I will do my best to contribute my gifts and talents with that of others in order to make the world a livable place for as many people as possible.