Meet the Social Work Alumnae

Alma Bravo 12 Catholic Charities

Alma Bravo '12, Catholic Charities

As a sophomore I had the opportunity to take Intro to Social Work and the Human Behavior and Social Environment courses and I absolutely fell in love with the possibility of being able to work collaboratively with people from various backgrounds and with diverse needs.  As a senior, I now appreciate to a greater extent all of the knowledge I have gained, knowing that at my field placement I will be prepared to face unexpected challenges and opportunities.  I know that all of these experiences will be a stepping stone to the rest of my professional life, and I will do my best to contribute my gifts and talents with that of others in order to make the world a livable place for as many people as possible.

Monica Drettmann 12 Oaklawn Hospital

Monica Drettmann '12, Oaklawn Hospital

When I applied to Saint Mary’s, I initially declared myself as a nursing major. I worked very hard to remain in the Nursing program, however, after fall semester of sophomore year, I decided nursing was not my passion anymore. Nevertheless, I was confident in the fact that I wanted to continue studying in a profession that focused on human and health services! As I began exploring all of the different programs and departments at Saint Mary’s, I found myself drawn to Social Work. After enrolling in several Social Work courses, I was completely engaged in the curriculum. The Social Work profession uses an incredible amount of knowledge about individuals, groups, communities, and organizational settings. I look forward to seeing where my Saint Mary’s Social Work education will take me in further career choices!

Aileen Hurd 12 Hope Ministries

Aileen Hurd '12, Hope Ministries

To be honest, I avoided all-things-Social-Work for most of my life; my parents were both therapists, and while I secretly thought they were superheroes, I grew up adamantly refused to follow in their footsteps.  It wasn’t until I started to take a few of the classes at Saint Mary’s that I realized that Social Work was the embodiment of everything I wanted in my life.  I wanted to work hard, to form deep relationships with people, and to share in their growth.  There’s a transcendent power and strength in witnessing these kinds of miracles, and a Social Work degree allows you not only to witness them, but to participate in them – every day!  And I can make it my own, too – the field is limitless, so I don’t have to follow in anyone’s footsteps if I don’t want to.  It’s so exciting, and there’s so much potential, that I have never once regretted my decision to study Social Work.