Meet the Social Work Majors

Jade Pressler 14 YWCA

Jade Pressler '14, YWCA

I first contemplated going into the social work field when one of my close high school friends became depressed and very suicidal. At the time, I took it upon myself to help her and "fix" her. It was then that I began to real...ize my true calling in life, social work. It breaks my heart every time I hear someone say that they want to end their life. Life is such a beautiful and precious gift. If I can help save the life of just one person, then I have succeeded.

Kerry Puckett 14 REAL Services Guardianship Program

Kerry Puckett '14, REAL Services Guardianship Program

My calling as a Social Worker came early in my life. I found myself reaching out to others in need and enjoyed the feeling of someone else feeling happy. Also, I like how people feel comfortable talking and confronting me ab...out anything. Making a difference in someone else’s life is amazing and it comes natural to me. I can be a friend who will listen or talk. People need someone who can balance both qualities and sometimes it can be hard to find that person. I By being a person who can balance both qualities is why so many people can talk to me about anything. I want to keep enriching others and their quality of life.