Meet the Social Work Majors

Corinna Martinez 14 St Joseph Probate Court Juvenile Division

Corinna Martinez '14, St. Joseph Probate Court Juvenile Division

I believe in advocating for people who cannot stand up for themselves. I believe in social and economic justice for everyone. Saint Mary’s has helped me see my passion for helping others. I like to see how my impact can change a person’s life or it can simply make them smile. Social work allows an interaction with different people on a daily basis.

Emma Derheimer 14 Kids Peace St Joseph County Office

Emma Derheimer '14, Kids Peace St. Joseph County Office

I want to be a social worker to help others improve their lives. I want to help initiate a change for the equality of all people in society. I want to assist on making this community a better place. I have the passion to aid others and Social Work is the perfect profession to do just that.

Gabrielle Sanchez 14 Oaklawn The Childrens Campus

Gabrielle Sanchez '14, Oaklawn: The Children's Campus

I want to be a social worker because I believe in advocating for those who are unable to advocate for themselves. I also believe that every individual should have an opportunity for success and the profession of social wo...rk aids in providing the education for their clients to succeed. Furthermore because the profession of social work is vast and it allows for there to be many different opportunities to utilize the knowledge that I have obtained, whether I decide to counsel or proceed on to an administrative path. The vastness of the profession is what has drawn me to the field.