Events Planning Guide

Please follow the procedures below before contacting Special Events:


Student Involvement & Multicultural Services

Recognized Student Organization Event Request Process

 Events planned at Saint Mary’s College must be:

  1. Affiliated with a campus academic department
  2. Coordinated by a recognized student organization

Student events are defined as a collective activity for which there is a specialized intent to celebrate or unite under a common theme or action.  Events can be categorized in the following ways:

  • Fundraising:  Raising funds for specific student organization effort or specified national or local service or nonprofit organization.
  • Formals/Dances:  Social events high lighting music and dancing.
  • Campus Lectures/Guest Speaker:  Providing a speaker or lecturer for the benefit of educating on a specified topic or academic purpose.
  • Prominent Campus Event:  Any event that has large name recognition and will require the support of multiple areas of campus.

This process is being initiated to assist students in managing the responsibilities entailed in planning successful campus events.

Step 1.  Event Acknowledgement

The event acknowledgement process will allow the Student Involvement & Multicultural Services (SIMS) office to assist you with the first steps of your event.  Completing the event acknowledgment form will allow the SIMS office to direct your event planning efforts according to the specific needs of your activity.

Before completing the Event Acknowledgement form you will need the following:

  1. Name of the event
  2. Date
  3. Proposed location

The event acknowledgment form must be completed no less than two weeks prior to your event.  Your Event Acknowledgment will be reviewed by the Student Involvement & Multicultural Services staff and then forwarded on to Special Events.  You can find the Event Acknowledgement Form in student organization Club Hub.

Step 2.  Reserving Space

Once Special Events has received notification of your intent to host an event they will contact you to reserve your space.  Select space reservations are given based on availability.  Special Events will also work with you to determine all of the logistical needs of your event.  Before meeting with special events please be prepared to address the following:

  1. What will your technical needs be
  2. Will you need special set ups
  3. Will you incur overtime expenses related after hour building services


Step 3.  Contracts

Once you have reserved space you can initiate the contract process.  All contracts must be reviewed by the Student Involvement & Multicultural Services office.  Students ARE NOT LEGAL SIGNEES FOR ANY CONTRACT.  All contracts must be signed by the SIMS director, Vice President of Student Affairs or Vice President for Finance.  All contracts must meet Saint Mary’s College contractual standards.  Contracts that do not support the specific needs of the college will not be signed.  To avoid inadequate contracts you may request the standard contract used by the Student Involvement & Multicultural Services office Contracts must be submitted for signature no less than one week in advance.  Once the contract has been signed a check request must then be submitted.

Step 4.  Advertising

After you have successfully secured any required documentation; i.e. contract, flights, liscensing you may begin advertising your event.  Please see the college posting policy in your Student Organization Hand Book.

Step 5. Enjoy your Event

Once you have successfully accomplished the previous steps you are in for a successfully planned event.  The Student Involvement & Multicultural Services office is here to support your event ideas and we are willing to assist you in whatever way we can. 

Use this planning guide for guidance, direction, and advice in planning events on campus. 

The more services that an event requires, the more likely the event will incur cost. Services that create cost include: catering, decorations, tech support, and publicity.

If a performance space is reserved (Carroll Auditorium, Little Theatre or O’Laughlin Auditorium) technicians will be required to help manage the event. Technical personnel cost $13/hour (does not include an 18% service fee for payroll taxes) and require a three hour minimum charge. Please allow two weeks to schedule these services.

Outdoor event signs may be ordered to assist in guiding people to the event, but these services also incur cost and require advance time to order.

If a large event is planned during the weekend or after hours, overtime hours for Building Service personnel may be added.


The Office of Special Events

  • Richard Baxter, Director  284-4619
  • Lisa Peppers, Assistant Director, Internal Events  284-4711
  • Ann Mason, Assistant Director, External Events  284-4703
  • Sandy Harmacinski, Administrative Assistant  284-5348
  • Kalyn Whitaker, Assistant Director, Arts and Education  284-4625
  • Jeff Grams, Technical Coordinator, 284-4597

The Office of Special Events is the clearing house for campus events and reserves most spaces on campus. The Office of Special Events also manages EMS (Event Management System) which lists, in detail, all campus events, including classes. This office also coordinates work orders for events.

These spaces are reserved by the following departments:
Welcome Center - Admissions
Reidinger House - Alumnae Relations
201 Le Mans - Alumnae Relations
Chapels/reflection rooms - Campus Ministry
Le Man 137 - President’s Office
President’s Dining Room - President’s Office
Student Affairs Conf. Room - Special Events
College Rel. Conf. Room - Special Events
Finance Conf. Room - Special Events
Church of Our Lady of Loretto - Sisters of the Holy Cross

During the academic year:
Angela - Athletics
Classrooms (daytime) - Registrar
Residence Halls - Residence Life
Reignbeaux Lounge - Residence Life
Moreau Practice Rooms - Department of Music
Regina Dance Studio - Department of Communication Studies, Dance and Theatre
Regina Lounges - Residence Life
Dalloways Clubhouse - Student Involvement
Note: during breaks and during the summer, Special Events reserves the Clubhouse.
The Student Lounge and the Commuter Kitchen in the Student Center are not available for reservations when classes are in session.

During the summer, most campus spaces, including residence halls, are scheduled by the Office of Special Events.

Tech Services are scheduled through Special Events. Performance events usually require technical support.

Special Events schedules all advanced tech classrooms for faculty members.

Online reservations:

Student Involvement (284-4561)

  • Stephanie Stewart Bridges, Director
  • Tamara Taylor, Assistant Director
  • Tena Johnson, Administrative Secretary

The Student Involvement Office may be able to assist with most student sponsored events, especially for those scheduled in the Student Center. Student Activities Managers, when on duty, will be able to assist with minor room set ups and help trouble shoot most technical services in the Vander Vennett Theatre.

Dispatcher (284-5000) - The Security Department oversees safety issues for Saint Mary’s and will most likely be the agency that will lock and unlock spaces. This is particularly important if laptop computers, data projectors or recording equipment is used. Security will also respond to emergencies and help coordinate emergency vehicles in the event of a medical emergency. They can also assist with parking and traffic control issues, if the event is large (200 or more people).

Building Services
Marilyn Rajski, Director (284-4548) - Building Services provides set up, take down and custodial support for events. They can also provide event deliveries (i.e. tables and chairs). Building Service requests need to be submitted fourteen (14) days prior to every event. It is also important to remember that normal Building Services hours are 7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. during normal weekdays. While Building Service staff members are on the premises 24 hours, they cannot always provide service beyond their normal work hours.

Anjie Brenda, Administrative Assistant-Facilities (284-4765) - The Maintenance Department is responsible for insuring that buildings are operating in a safe, comfortable and functional manner. In the event of an emergency (i.e. electrical failure, plumbing breaks), Security and Maintenance personnel will coordinate efforts to conduct repairs.

Media Services
Bill Waymouth, Head-Media Center (284-5277) - Media Services maintains the equipment in all advanced tech classrooms. Media Services staff also manages all laptops, data projectors, screens, overhead projectors, VCRs, TVs and event recording equipment.

Kristee Dampeer, Catering Manager (284-5345) - Sodexo is the exclusive food provider for Saint Mary’s College. The Office of Special Events asks that all event planners give Sodexo the opportunity to discuss event food needs and the opportunity to quote a price for catering.

Marketing Communications
Zara Osterman, Administrative Assistant (284-4595) - The Department of Marketing Communications can assist with posters, ads, public relations, invitations, design and production of signage. Please give them plenty of advanced notice and complete a creative services request.

Information Technology

Lori Zimmerman, Administrative Assistant, (284-4610)

Information Technology can help arrange computer/internet access for sponsored visitors to campus or assist with IT issues.

Making the Reservation

Make the reservation by phone
Office of Special Events Monday - Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Sandy Harmacinski (284-5348), Office (284-4625)

Make the Reservation on-line
The Office of Special Events offers 24-hour Web access to the EMS (Event Management System) campus event calendar at Saint Mary’s. This includes the capability of checking event status, room availability, and making an event request on the Web.


Browse Events, Facilities, Room Types, Dates
Browse campus events by date, facility, specific room, or event name. Use the boxes to navigate and hit the apply filter button.

Browse facilities and room types or you may also browse the campus for the right space for your event. Event listings may also be sorted by daily, weekly, or monthly views.

If you wish to see all events on campus at any given date, select the pull down calendar for a date, choose all facilities, all event types, all clients, and hit the filter button. Classes are listed for the current semester only.

Event listings will be highlighted in blue. Selecting this text will take you to the specific event reservation and all the information that has been entered regarding that event.

Room Request
Making a room request for an event may be accomplished by following these steps:

1. Create an account (if you are a new user to EMS), under the “my account” menu. You can use any login or password, it does not necessarily have to be anything you presently use.

2. Go directly to the room reservation form. No need to wait for account verification or return notice. Your account is active immediately.

3. Browse current events and space availability. At this point, you will see most of the College spaces available.
Note: If you can not find the space you’re interested in, it may be because the space is not normally available or has special restrictions.

4. Find the space you need, check availability and submit.
Please note any special needs that the event may have in the note field (AV, special room setup, catering, sound requirements).

5. Once submitted, all room requests go to Kathy Bush in the Office of Special Events, who will process the request. You can check the status of the request at any point. Once the event is confirmed, The Office of Special Events will email a confirmation.

6. Making a room request does not guarantee a reservation. The event will need to be approved and processed before the space may be reserved.

Event Tips

Please plan two weeks in advance, especially if you are requesting work orders.

Table cloths and table skirting may be rented from Sodexo.

Any problems or concerns with the Master Calendar or EMS (Event Management Systems) may be reported to the Office of Special Events.

If you are planning a multiple day event or large event (involving more that 200 participants) please contact Special Events to coordinate all activities and work orders.

In reserving lobby space, such as the atrium in the Student Center, please be aware of public access and egress issues.

In reserving the lobby of the Little Theatre, please be aware that this is also an art gallery. Certain art installations may interfere with large event gatherings.

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