Research and Information Resources

Faculty are experts at doing research and are well-versed in the repertoire of journal and other scholarly sources relevant to their field(s) of expertise.  There are a variety of organizations, agencies and associations that do research and compile data that may have some direct or even tangential interest to your grant proposal topic.  National educational organizations can often set the tone and direction for many granting agency priorities. Information, research, and data provided by these organizations are especially useful for curriculum-development proposals, proposals involving civic engagement, interdisciplinary initiatives, and research in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Depending on your area of interest or discipline, this page is a resource for exploring current issues and trends in child welfare, education, health, philanthropy, religion and spirituality, science and engineering, and other areas that may be useful for your research.  Hopefully, this compilation will grow over time with your suggestions and input.

Child Welfare




Religion and Spirituality

Science and Engineering

Indiana-based Research Sites


If you know of a research website that you think might be useful to others and would like to have it included on this page, or have other suggestions, please contact Patricia Doyle '69, CFGR Director at ext. 4856.