Always Doing More

Always Doing More

Early on, Mallory Price ’10 knew that she wanted to improve the lives of others. But Mallory wanted to do something more than just donate food and clothing or send money to organizations. She was looking for a direct connection with the people she would be helping. She says, “I felt that this year, I didn’t want to sit around the dinner table in the comforts of my own home…there is no reason why I shouldn’t take action and truly demonstrate that I was thankful for the life and opportunities I have.” The Indianapolis Peace Institute gave her an opportunity to do just that. Instead of sitting at a table full of friends and family for the Thanksgiving holiday, this Illinois native spent her extended break in Indianapolis helping those who are less fortunate.

The Indianapolis Peace Institute provides alternative fall and spring break options where students can reach out and help others. After receiving an email from Carrie Call, the director of Saint Mary’s Office for Civic and Social Engagement, Mallory says she was excited. I really wanted to do something different to help others besides donating food and money.”

In Indianapolis, Mallory was busy doing a variety of jobs. She helped pass out food at the Drumstick Dash, a 5k marathon that raises money for Wheeler Mission; helped to prepare over 41,000 meals at Butler University for the Mozel Sanders Foundation; and helped at a Disciples of Christ church. At the church, “we organized donations, prepared personal needs items, and cleaned there,” she says.

Mallory believes that volunteering is her way of doing God’s work. “I feel that I am called to advocate for those who have no voice and who are marginalized or forgotten about in our society.”

Mallory’s desire to aid others has carried over to her academic life. The social work major also has minors in women’s studies and justice education studies. She chose social work as a major because it would lead to a career of helping others. “Saint Mary’s helped me obtain the skills to critically analyze the world around me. My professors opened me up to new perspectives, they challenged me to think outside the box, and to figure out who I truly am.”

Mallory is also involved with extracurricular activities on campus that incorporate her academic life with her desire to help. She is president of the Social Work Club and the Straight and Gay Alliance; vice-president of Africa Faith and Justice; and the community liaison of Peacemakers. According to Mallory, “if a Saint Mary’s woman wants to reach out and make a difference in this world…there is an endless array of opportunities that can make that happen.”

—Lauren DeBruce '11