Boogie Fever

Boogie Fever

hannah fischer dancing on stage with other studentsSophomore Hannah Fischer wanted a non-traditional summer job, something that didn’t involve sitting in an office from 8-5 everyday. She found her “no-sitting required” job at Saint Mary’s Fine Arts Camp, as a dance counselor. “When I found out that I had the opportunity to help teach dance, I really jumped on the application. It is such a fun atmosphere – the dance studio – and it’s something that I really have passion for. I’m glad to be able to share that with many young ladies.”

The Granger, Ind., native is working on both a humanistic studies major, as well as a student-designed major in dance and video production. Fischer’s previous dance experience includes a year of dancing with the traveling performing arts company 13th Floor. She currently stays involved in dance through the Saint Mary’s Dance Company and the club, Dance Collective. “The club takes up much of my time and last semester I was highly involved in producing the student show with other students,” says Fischer.

During the fine arts camp Fischer was assigned to a group of 10–14 middle school-aged girls, who stayed overnight for one week on Saint Mary’s campus. “During the day I am in the studio, and I just cannot stop dancing!” says Fischer. “Each girl gets to take every art form, so we teach every camper a musical theatre dance from one of the decades. We keep the free time limited, but somehow there are always times when girls are dancing around in the hallways and running around to each other’s rooms. During those times, I am available for them to help with any logistical or personal problems.”

Counselors get in on the fun when they produce a midweek show called, Counselor Follies for the campers. “It is really fun and we all feel like rock stars afterwards,” says Fischer.

In addition to her summer counseling position, Fischer also works at the Office of Special Events as an office worker and box office attendant. After graduation she plans to follow dance through graduate school, and then join the Peace Corps. “The more I learn about dance and culture, the more I really feel that dance needs to be more saturated in our culture. Instead of having a separate “artistic culture,” I would like to help integrate arts and the humdrum of life.”